Snow in summer

12 Snowy Summer

Snowy Summer

Would you like to learn more about summer in Russia? Then you need to know Russian joke: "We have a short summer, but fortunately, not very snowy one".
That's for example this is the city Bratsk, Siberia. It's being snowing lately there, making it to look bit Christmass rather than June.
Russian walrus hunt on Chukotka

25 Akkani: Wild People – photos by Konstantin Lemeshev

Akkani: Wild People – photos by Konstantin Lemeshev

Akkani is an old settling located in the coastal area of Chukotka, Russian far northeast. Like hudreds years ago, walrus hunting is a
traditional pasttime of native people. Nowadays, families of locals come to this place every weekend to enjoy this sort of sport.
Russian youngest skinner

18 World Youngest Shovelman

World Youngest Shovelman

The world's smallest shovelman lives in Moscow, Russia. His name is Roman and he is just 3 years old, but he already knows how to operate big power shovel. Actually he is doing it with ease and can
do the job right. If you look from outside you could never have idea that it's just a 3 y.o. baby controlling the machine. Truly amazing and you can see it on the video below:
Russian life in car

20 In the Car

In the Car

Those Russian guys tried to imagine what if the whole life was only in car
universe, with limited space and always moving on top speeds.
Russian deers

24 Deer Horns Farm

Deer Horns Farm

And now again Russian far East. In that region of Russia the demand for deers horn is high due to a big belief of Chinese and other Eastern traditional medicines on the great powers one can get eating the drugs prepared with some amount of deer horn added. Naturally deers have to drop the horn rack by themselves thru some periods of times, or seasonly, but farm owners are
not intended to wait for this so they use old good saws to get some horn. The way to do it looks very cruel, and if you love animals you probably better not enter, but as people tell the animals don't suffer much because there are no nerves inside the horn - only in outer skin, so they say it's not more than a deep scratch feeling.
Russian Sakhalin

18 Sakhalin


Sakhalin is Russian far-east region. That's how the foreigners
see it, photos by Michael Christopher Brown.
Moscow parking

31 Parking Wars

Parking Wars

And yet again, now BMW SUV driver has parked his car right on the path of the trams. Tram's passenger got very disturbed and surrounded the car in question, then when the driver came attacked him, but looks like the BMW
driver was in better physical form than the attacking disturbed passengers and easily defeated them. But bit later someone on the same car still got revenged for the wrong parking habit.
10 The Hundred Dollar Teacher

The Hundred Dollar Teacher

This grand dad from Ukraine was a teacher for many years and has got multiple proffesional rewards. But recently he got visited by criminal police for some very weird reason: there was some evidence that this respected
citizen was making high-class dollar fakes that couldn't be differed from the original US money even in banks. The only thing that got him busted is the often duplicate bill serial numbers he was making.
russian plant

19 Art on the Plant

Art on the Plant

This is the biggest Ural plant "URALMASH", in order to build it they destroyed thousand of square miles of virgin thousand years old aged forests 60 years ago. It was working thru all the Soviet era and then during the capitalistic phase of modern Russian
economy too, but now because of the world's crisis it has been stopped. Now the rooms of the plant stand still and some artist has completed the nature paintings on the lockers around the plant so that it looks even more creepy now.
Break Dance in Russia

24 Young Break Dance

Young Break Dance

Looks like break dance is popular in Russia from the early age. Also according to this
video it was Russian army guys who started all this break dance thing:

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