Russian guy in Iran

51 Party in Iran

Party in Iran

After the latest events in Iran, their elections and all this hype with their nuclear program one Russian blogger decided to go there to check how the things are on place. Iranians always were of positive opinion of Russia and Russians so the trips there are not considered dangerous or unwanted for Russian people. He spent some time there and told later in his blog that what he has seen there is a society of dual standards. From one side there is a dictatorship of Islamic revolution guards who prohibit many of the Western fun activities, such as drinking or public Western parties etc, like ladies can't go outside without hijab or in short skirt, alcohol is
forbidden, you can be executed for being gay, also there is an Internet censorship going on, so he couldn't update his blog while being there. But all this things are just a format state of society. When the doors closed people change their cloths to Western and make big parties with lots of drinks, women, satellite TV. Tech genius sell and install the internet un-blocking devices that can get around the censorship means and let you surf freely. He has made some shots on one of such parties. You could never thinkg those shots were made in Iran, it looks like just common party of the West.
Russian pipe factory

13 The Pipe Makers

The Pipe Makers

Today we have shots from the pipe factory in Russia, it's always fun to see how the
stuff is being made. The story of each pipe begins with a steel tape roll.
Russia, Kazakhstan

49 The Fallen Earth [updated]

The Fallen Earth [updated]

Some photos from the trip to the Western Kazakhstan, May 2009. The road there is left from Soviet times, it is paved and
straight as a line, more than 600 miles long. Then suddenly in the middle of nowhere the road simply ends
Life in Russia

22 The Balancing Eggs and Unbalanced Fans

The Balancing Eggs and Unbalanced Fans

Some short stories and curiousities that are too short for a separate post. First photo is a small size version of the epic drawing made by some Russian guy depicting truely
epic fight between Hollywood heroes against Russian cartoon and cinema characters. By the click you can zoom it on and see in detail who is winning.
Russian chess 5

12 The Ivory Chess

The Ivory Chess

In Russia chess is a very popular game, almost every schoolboy used to know how to play chess since Soviet times when the Russian chess grandmasters like Karpov or Kasparov were rocking the world chess scene. Since then many years has already passed but still it's considered a must to have a
chess playing set at home. The better looking the board is the better it is, some lucky ones get hand made sets, carved from wood or ivory coast. Here are works of just one author, mainly from ivory, some of the might look nsfw, but those are just chess pieces.
Russian rock

19 Scene Roof Fail

Scene Roof Fail

A big concert was planned for the last saturday. Many foreign bands were invited like, "The Scorpions", Alice Cooper or "Rasmus" but they canceled the show a few hours before it had
to star. The reason for this is that on Friday night the roof of the scene crashed down, right on the place where all the stars had to perform some hours later.
Old Russian vynyl discs

58 Soviet Russian Album Covers

Soviet Russian Album Covers

In Soviet Russia album covers... well you can figure out yourself how to say it cool after getting
a look on more than 70 different sometimes very funny Soviet vynyl covers art.
20 Exhaust Pipe Smoking

Exhaust Pipe Smoking

People struggle with smoking worldwide. Sometimes they use as argument to ban public smoking is that if not children see and getting a bad behaviroal example from the smoker. Well, and what about the dogs? Seems that in Russia dogs are smarter than average dogs elsewhere. Remember the tube travelling dogs of Moscow? Now another strange habbit is being seen
across Russia. Dogs try to imitate smoking, but still they are dogs so they don't understand that not all that has smoke can be smoked, so sometimes they smoke... exhaust pipes, as you can see on this footage. Of course it's deadly bad for them, but once tried the dog can't stop getting back to this habbit because it feels high.
Russian Terminator

37 Russian Terminator

Russian Terminator

Did you know that initially the terminator robot was built by Soviet soldiers during World War2. The construction operation was held on the secret army base, on
the wooden table between Russian tanks. Even back there he already looked like Arnie. Don't believe? We have photo report from back then.
Russian cars with graffiti

14 Cool Car Art

Cool Car Art

When someone has a cool car what he can do to make it even more cool is to paint something
on it. That is a contest of such graffiti cars in Moscow a few days ago.

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