12 Pilot Says “Love You”

Pilot Says “Love You”

Posted on June 24, 2009 by

Skies over Perm, Russia

One Russian pilot has said “Love You” to his girlfriend in a manner that the whole Perm city has learned about that too.

Skies over Perm, Russia 2

Skies over Perm, Russia 3

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12 Responses to “Pilot Says “Love You””

  1. YJ says:

    First biatches.

  2. Pastka says:

    As they say : MAKE LOVE NOT WAR – so he did it ;)

  3. RIC says:

    Mientras hace el corazon, su novia esta follando con otro.

  4. asqendor says:

    Why the admin of this site makes a mistakes in his posts so frequently? The city on photos is Ryazan (Рязань).

  5. w says:

    I think hees trying to say she has a huge arse

  6. asqendor says:

    The admin made a mistake in his post again. It’s not a Perm city on these photos, but actually is Ryazan (Рязань).

  7. alexz says:

    This spring I saw such a heart in Ryazan too.

  8. Swede says:

    I will avoid his flights. The passengers must have been terrified.

  9. ryazanets says:

    this not Perm.
    This is Ryazan 2009-04-08.

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