58 Soviet Russian Album Covers

Soviet Russian Album Covers

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Old Russian vynyl discs

In Soviet Russia album covers… well you can figure out yourself how to say it cool after getting a look on more than 70 different sometimes very funny Soviet vynyl covers art.

Old Russian vynyl discs 1

Old Russian vynyl discs 2

Old Russian vynyl discs 3

Old Russian vynyl discs 4

Old Russian vynyl discs 5

Old Russian vynyl discs 6

Old Russian vynyl discs 7

Old Russian vynyl discs 8

Old Russian vynyl discs 9


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58 Responses to “Soviet Russian Album Covers”

  1. Avatar says:


  2. Roman says:

    Blia Pervii Budu… a cho sezd kpps eto kruto

  3. Johnny says:

    Absolute Pure Genius!!
    Most of them most be from Perestrojka time, I cannot imagine Soviet government would have allowed most of the covers (and bands) earlier than ’86/’87!

  4. Ole says:

    Nice collection of period covers. Some are pretty naiive, but there are some very good ones too.

  5. Sasha says:

    The cover of Vyssotski has nothing to do in this listing.. It’s a real great actor and not one of these ridiculous puppets out there. Anyway..

  6. Indy says:

    Really, it is almost like what you could find in Western Europe at that moment, about local groups and singers. So Soviet Union was not lagging behind then :)

  7. sputnik says:

    zomg keytar

  8. w says:

    these are cool I wish I could listen to them but im geussing the would all sound the same :(

  9. ETOJA says:

    bolsinstvo oblozek ponravilis.)
    oblozki rok grupp futuristi4eskije, hudozestvenno o4en otli4no sdelani.)

    kone4no visockij i kino kak i artisti bili silni, tak i oblozki lu4sie- prosto, stilno.

  10. canadian_inquirier says:

    Is the last one, a speech by Brezhnev?

  11. Matthew says:

    Soviet Hair Bands!

  12. Lol says:


  13. too much vodka says:

    Funny to see that the seventies and eighties were butt ugly even in the Soviet Union, just like anywhere else.

  14. English Brasil says:

    Yeah! some russian heavy metal! I’d like to hear some….

  15. Steamed McQueen says:

    What, no KINO? Or ZOOPARK?

  16. Lude Nunes says:

    Funny and instructive. Doubtless, it displays a very bizarre, and rather unknown side of Perestroika.

  17. Kocha says:

    Found one Swedish band in there, funny if they were a hit in the sovjet.


  18. Eduard says:

    Hey! Look pic 26…the soviet-russian version of late 80’s Depeche Mode! LOL…even the name has some resemblance…creepy and cheap. LOL

  19. Sahsa Pasha Pasha says:

    Where’s the Lubeh album covers?

  20. Сorgi says:

    кормильцев жалкий плагиатор и просто недостойный человек

  21. Jasper says:

    Everbody looks like they’re full of borscht.

  22. Jasper says:

    She blinded me with TIIIYPM

  23. Merican says:

    I now have the hots for Alena Apina!

    Also want to hear a sample of Breshnev rocking out on the last album. I bet he kicks ass!

  24. Atanas Boev says:

    Братя Аргирови (Blagovest and Svetoslav Argirov) is Bulgarian band, not Russian.

  25. Kometya says:

    I can see Soviet Russia had its own Michael Bolton and Gloria Trevi O.o.

    Now seriously, a few of those rock band like covers look pretty interesting, what bands were those?

  26. Audrey says:

    They don’t look that different from Americans from the same era. Americans had more money and better agents, Russians had more innocence. I would love to hear Russian heavy metal!

  27. SzFeri says:

    Great post,
    are kinda cool.

  28. authorized1 says:

    Vysotski has nothing to do here, he was really a great guy – he was married with a French woman and died in 1982 (he was only 42).
    My mother still has all his vinyls, including this one.

  29. Jose says:


  30. fsddfs says:

    I hate them all, horrible stuff, and russian men are hideous

  31. Gary_James says:

    Anyone notice the Amiga (1200 I think), and the Commodore 1702 monitor in the first picture?

  32. asdf says:

    The “Herrey’s” album is some kind of export version of a Swedish album. The original release used the same cover pic though.

  33. s says:

    I’ve heard a lot of these unfortunately. Some real gems in a lot of worthless music.

    The Pulse series is probably the best. I put is up a little while ago: http://www.secretdancemoves.com/?p=1284

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who was so smitten with these album covers.

  34. The Cyber Tsar says:

    Mullets, spandex, and sweatbands. Who cares about the music? Let’s get physical!

  35. Aleksey says:

    A lot of these covers were later date reprints made for the Eastern Germany audiences. Some were released with these covers in the 90’s, the rest when Melodia went semi-independent in 87.

    The original covers from Любе and Машина Времени (За тех кто в море) should be on the list :)

  36. illlich says:

    Those Pesnyari LPs are good albums. I used to have that Chorne Kofe LP– not very good metal.

  37. Schizohedron says:

    That Alexander Buinov gent, were he to lose the glasses, could be a stand-in for the stand-up comic who becomes The Joker in “Killing Joke.”

  38. checkoout says:

    Isnt one of them Depeche’ Mode?

  39. Ugly American says:

    I like #1_008.jpg = the devil skeleton thing. Any links to what it sounds like?

  40. Michael Kuipers says:

    “Diggi Loo Diggi Ley” by The Herrey’s won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1984 for Sweden, doesn’t have anything to do with the Soviet Union, but interesting that it was released there anyway! Alyona Apina is still going these days too, she released a new album last year!

  41. Andre says:

    I will be happy to find some of these albums. I have some interesting records from eastern europe i found through the years here in Canada. I have one similar to the blue flexi disc, it sounds like a lesson of some kind.

  42. ankas says:

    3-ья сверху самая крутая обложка))) там где у наташы каралёвай нога дистрафичиская))гы. хотя кучерявай буйноув тож весёленькай

  43. Suissa says:

    oh mais tu as trouvé où cette mine de perle de la tuerie de sa mere de pochette has been comme c est pas possible???

  44. ðyÔÉÎ Úe AyÚopÉÔapÉÑÎ says:

    úoce yepe ÿÉÌapÉoyc. ìame ÉmÉÔaÔÉoÎc oÆ oÌÄ AmepÉkaÎ ÂaÎÄc. é kaÎÎoÔ cÔoÐ ÌayÇÿÉÎÇ aÔ Úem. é yoÎÄep ÉÆ aÌÌ PyccÉÑÎ ÐoÐ kyÌÔype ceekc Ôo ÐypÌé ÉmÉÔaÔe Úe YÎÉÔeÄ CÔaÔec?

  45. Kiev says:

    Поржал и стало немного стыдно, за советское прошлое))

  46. Jimbob says:

    In Soviet Russia stars congratulate you!

  47. Musa says:

    Cool post!

  48. JWWright says:

    I must hear these albums.

  49. zimbo1947 says:

    This really takes me back to the sixties!

  50. baronation says:

    If I was in a second hard record shop in Russia and saw some of the those metal albums I’d buy them in a second!

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