19 Scene Roof Fail

Scene Roof Fail

Posted on June 22, 2009 by

Russian rock

A big concert was planned for the last saturday. Many foreign bands were invited like, “The Scorpions”, Alice Cooper or “Rasmus” but they canceled the show a few hours before it had to star.

The reason for this is that on Friday night the roof of the scene crashed down, right on the place where all the stars had to perform some hours later.

Russian rock 1

Russian rock 2

Russian rock 3

Russian rock 4

Russian rock 5

Russian rock 6

Russian rock 7

Russian rock 8

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19 Responses to “Scene Roof Fail”

  1. Eku says:

    First First Pure Win

  2. It’s a pity that no Evil Westerners were killed…

  3. Russian says:

    Lets see what Alice says about this on Nights with Alice Cooper

  4. Stavros says:

    Scary, That truss system is widely used by many acts during the touring season all around the world. I don’t believe the truss system was made in Russia. The Russians never would have made any thing so light. I wonder what was the cause of the collapse? Since the show must go on during the summer season what will be used as a substitute?

  5. Steamed McQueen says:

    *sigh* will they never learn? Work first, THEN drink…

  6. MrUK says:

    Shame the Rasmus weren’t playing …

  7. Cossack in America says:

    The local police sneaked in and unscrewed the roof to spoil the party.


  8. Kilroy Was Here says:

    Similiar to what happened to the Dallas Cowboy practice facility – luckily no one was injured in this one.

  9. Dogz says:

    collect the pieces of the roof in an old pillow case..
    this one has a screw but it dont have a …

    (bleh!! couldnt think something that rhymes with ‘face’)

  10. George Bush says:

    Al-Qaeda terrorists act !

  11. Paul says:

    no Rasmus…Omg pure pownage…pwnt themselves

  12. Lietuva says:

    I see Turbosound

  13. shmalevolokno says:

    wtf is on foto no.7 ???

  14. Alisha Cox says:

    i think the best roofing are ceramic based because it is a very good insulator.*~’

  15. Riley Carter says:

    We always choose metal roofing instead of ceramic roofing because we believe that metal roofs last longer.”‘*

  16. i always use metal roofing because it is more durable compared to other types of rooing`;’

  17. when it comes to roofing, the best type is still metal roofs but they are not that aesthetically pleasing compared to ceramic r;';

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