14 Cool Car Art

Cool Car Art

Posted on June 21, 2009 by

Russian cars with graffiti

When someone has a cool car what he can do to make it even more cool is to paint something on it. That is a contest of such graffiti cars in Moscow a few days ago.

Russian cars with graffiti 1

Russian cars with graffiti 2


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14 Responses to “Cool Car Art”

  1. NikomO says:

    Great work, I’d say.

  2. ETOJA says:

    zelenij zhigul ohrenennij .)
    ostalnoe vse tak sebe, uze vidennoe..
    no post interesnij.)

  3. w says:

    wtf someone brought their llama to the show

  4. shaggy says:

    Why does volvo sponsors something like this???

  5. simas says:

    yeah, guys it’s powerful(y)

  6. livingdots says:

    shaggy: volvo offers an option in some countries to cover them in plastic film, maybe it’s being launched in Russia? — http://ca.autos.yahoo.com/p/514/volvo-earns-its-stripes

  7. livingdots says:

    shaggy: it’s an option on some markets to cover your volvo in plastic film — ca.autos.yahoo.com/p/514/volvo-earns-its-stripes

  8. onitake says:

    wot, only one otaku car?

  9. ll Uncool J says:

    The Brooklyn Bridge! Allright!

  10. Frankie says:

    Most of them aren’t painted, they are Car Wraps, search the term in google and you will see tons of sellers. The vinyl used is so thin gives the impression of a paintwork.

  11. Lutra Lutra says:

    ахуено гаспада.. ахуено

  12. MadMikeSwitz says:



    Slipped in the oil!


  14. Jim says:

    I love your stuff!!!!

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