10 The Hundred Dollar Teacher

The Hundred Dollar Teacher

Posted on June 18, 2009 by

This grand dad from Ukraine was a teacher for many years and has got multiple proffesional rewards. But recently he got visited by criminal police for some very weird reason: there was some evidence that this respected citizen was making high-class dollar fakes that couldn’t be differed from the original US money even in banks. The only thing that got him busted is the often duplicate bill serial numbers he was making.

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10 Responses to “The Hundred Dollar Teacher”

  1. Exbob says:


  2. pimp says:

    This grandfather is HOT!

  3. Mirko says:

    Is the language of the video Ukrainian? Because it sounds like Russian, but I only understand a few words of it…

    BTW interesting piece: no presumtion of innocence or something? Poor Pops is interrogated in between the very house raid (and his face is shown)…

    Smart, clever, it’s a pity he got caught.

    • Domo says:

      It is Ukrainian.

      P.S. How is interrogation connected with presumtion of innocence? Actually, it has to do with political correctness, which is something you can find in America, but not Russia or Ukraine. It’s not bad, it’s mentality.

    • Domo says:

      Also, I agree, it’s a pity he got caught! ;)

    • Goo says:

      The language of the reporter is Ukrainian, but the language of the people talking in the video is mostly Russian

  4. Mirko says:

    No offense, but maybe you missed the point, Domo. What I meant was: the old man is seem to be interrogated in between the raid – I don’t know Ukranian police trade tips (only a few, in connection with road checkpoints ;] ) – but in my country (not the USA) it’s something that _follows_ raid. Secondly, it’s being recorded (сделали съёмку), and as it’s clearly seen, the video itself is a news bit, so the footage has been broadcasted without the accused perp’s face blurred. Call me a fuddy-duddy, but it’s rather odd to me.

    Disclaimer: I deeply and profoundly love the Russian – no: Soviet…no: don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, let’s call it Slavic – way, mentality. (Как я хочу в Москву опять…)

  5. MrLeesGreaterHongKong says:

    This teacher counterfeits and he is a criminal. The Federal Reserve counterfeits and it is “stimulating the economy”.

  6. Big Bad Bankster says:

    Maybe he’s started his own Ukrainian Reserve Bank! :D

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