16 Russian Public Service Ad

Russian Public Service Ad

Posted on June 15, 2009 by

Russian Public Service

Weird public service ads appeared in Russian city Slaviansk-na-Kubane. If you take a closer look you’ll agree it uses strange approach.

Russian Public Service 1

It reads: “No single drug addict would escape from the Black Master. Anti Drugs Comittee 2009″.


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16 Responses to “Russian Public Service Ad”

  1. Dogz says:

    or first


    • Miss India says:

      OMG that is so nasty! Why oh Why russians have to use Black Sado-masochist pornstar in their community billboard :o :(

  2. Steven says:

    Is that based on the concept of “you meet new friends when you are in jail?” Doesn’t work well. Been tried a lot.

    And for some folks, that might actually be an inducement

  3. ll Uncool J says:

    YO! What is that supposed to mean honkey?!?!

  4. jedi says:

    Guy on ad is a well-known character in russian part of internet.

    He is known as “Black Master”.

    Btw, his homepage. http://www.xxxbengunn.com/main.html

  5. Maniakoff says:

    You don’t fool around with B.A.

  6. Strelok says:



  7. dave says:

    i pity da fool who mess wit me. i aint got time for that jibba jabba

  8. w says:

    I am liking the new tag “Russian Blacks”

  9. doodar says:

    Black chinese! Whatever next?

  10. miss india says:

    I’m sorry, I love the mighty Russia now! It’s just so sad and lonely in Estonia :-(

  11. John says:

    Public service ad? or “Public disservice ad”!

  12. greg says:

    is this photo shopped? wtf? black gay porn stars. must be the degenerate ass licking jew dominated USA

  13. Sara Stone says:

    Sara stone is one a hell fantastic actress. I just can’t get enough of her.

  14. Lucia says:

    Thanks for taking the time to discuss this,would you mind updating your blog with more information? It is extremely helpful for me.

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