11 Psychodelic Loafs

Psychodelic Loafs

Posted on June 14, 2009 by

Fish loaf

One Russian blogger is making those psychodelic loafs and canes – colorful and some even glow in dark.

Fish loaf 2

Fish loaf 3

Fish loaf 4

Fish loaf 5

Fish loaf 6

Fish loaf 7

Fish loaf 8

Fish loaf 9

Fish loaf 10

via shim-shoni

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11 Responses to “Psychodelic Loafs”

  1. Exbob says:

    First !

  2. Ole says:

    What are these made of? Can you eat them? They look soft and sugary, but “loafs and canes” is meaningless to someone who is not familiar with the substance. At any rate, they’re beautiful.

  3. wtf says:

    I feel like im gonna have a seizure when I look at some of these.

  4. meshca says:

    i think thats candy.. toffee.. or something similar.
    I’ve seen similar tubes with the images on the inside in some huge candy stores.

    Looks like playdo though =)

  5. Alexander says:

    This surprises only those who didn’t watch the “How It’s Made” series on Discovery channel.

  6. tom says:

    look up fimo or sculpey.

    I do this with my kids

  7. Tranceguide says:

    hippy snuff is funnily

  8. w says:

    These you cannot eat. They will break your teef and give you bowel cancer.

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