16 Durex for Brad and Hit Tuareg

Durex for Brad and Hit Tuareg

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Russian roads

Meet Ivan Brad, 38, senior road inspector of Russian road police unit. Some PR guys of Omsk city decided to get more attention from the drivers by putting full sized Brad Pitt faced figures that they call “Ivan” on the roads of the city.

Russian roads

And same time young lady of Moscow, Ms. Anna, decided to conduct her own attention experiment. You can see her driving license on the photo above together with the creative wrapping she made. It includes two Durex thingies in it, so her strategy was to look how the policeman’s face changes when he gets such kind of ID.

Russian roads

What she might really missed is such a yellow baseball cap that’s for sale lately in the Russian shops. It says “I *drawing* Road Police”. Such hat could be really a good set together with her id DUREX wrapping.

Russian roads 2

Then speaking about yellow, such a classics VAZ car was recently photoed, it looks just as it should but it’s not that outdated as one might think.

Russian roads 3

Inside there is hiding a real communication media center, with internet, 17″ screen and blue ray drives.

Russian roads 4

The main question is “Why?”.

Russian roads 5

This “Why?” question comes to mind when seeing next series of photos. Those were shot during the last celebration of WW2 end, in May 2009. Some guys decided to confirm once again that Russian people able to fight German hardware with ease.

Russian roads 6

VW Tuareg seemed to them as a good nowadays alternative for that Nazi “Tiger” tanks of World War 2, and the axe is just a traditional Russian tool without age.

Russian roads 7

Later in the morning they couldn’t reverse the events of the celebration night backwards, though now they can tell their grandchildren how they revenged to those evil Nazi waffendrucks.

Russian roads 8

Then another piece of automotive hardware, looking like just another wheel, it is a wheel actually but one thing differs it from others of its kind. The story is that the mechanic who got this car for some fixes has then found out that this car has got the most extreme ventilated breaks he have ever seen.

Russian roads 9

If you can’t see why it was called that from this angle, then see the next photo.

Russian roads 10

The 99% surface of breaks are ventilated.


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16 Responses to “Durex for Brad and Hit Tuareg”

  1. GAZ says:


  2. Amerikanyetz says:

    First video: GAZ has all wheel drive and locking differentials. The japanese thing looks like only the front wheels are driven. Forget off-roading in it.

    Second video: Front wheel drive only in the GAZ.

    • Youkai says:

      It’s a Nissan Pathfinder, with 4 wheel drive. That said, the one in the video is stock, and both the 2 and 4 door models were completely useless in mud without mods.

  3. pimp says:

    Russian humor is not so funny. Why?

  4. Kolombusz says:

    It’sd not a Gaz, it’s an UAZ. The GAZ is older, and looks like this: http://www.hasznaltauto.hu/3028482_gaz_69_1964

    Of course it is also incredibly good on those roads.

  5. Domo says:

    The thing that matters most is _the_driver_ (as seen on both videos).

    Also, do they actually have any mud in Japan?

  6. Sergey says:

    driving license is fake – date of birthday is 11.04.1919, but she doesnt look that old

    • Domo says:

      No it’s not! Date of birth is _hidden_ in Photoshop, to conseal the identity. Just like the surname.

  7. Jose says:

    that color is flat brown? not normal gloss paint your used to seeing

  8. Ole says:

    The red car incident puzzles me. Why not tow it away? In North America it would not sit there more than 5 minutes before a tow truck would impound it.

  9. Kollia says:

    The colour and type of is called “Black matt-finished”. Very similar to the german term “mattschwarz”. Its the same coulour used on the F-117a Stealth Fighter-Airplane.
    Actually the US Army build a custom car using the same colour pattern. Check it out under

  10. jessy says:

    why are you showing depressing sides?

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