15 Real World Carmageddon

Real World Carmageddon

Posted on June 9, 2009 by

Russian Carmageddon

“Carmageddon” was a name of the video game, which was racing in general, but the task for the participating drivers was to destroy the cars of the competitors and with that gain a victory.

Now in Russian city Novosibirsk they have races with around the same rules. The only task is to destroy. And while there would your competitor’s car still running then you have not won.

Russian Carmageddon

All the tactics are OK: hitting, banging and even scary shouts can count if they help.

Russian Carmageddon 8

Another scary thing on those races is that the breaks are not allowed. None of the participating cars, if we can call them cars, have their breaks totally absent, probably inspired by the verse from a song of popular Russian band: “Breaks were invented by cowards.”.


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15 Responses to “Real World Carmageddon”

  1. pavlov says:

    omg FIRST?
    nice pics!

  2. KaGieBe says:

    Carmageddon was more about run over unfortunate pedestrians than destroying other cars. This event is more like Destruction Derby.

  3. adios says:

    с пивом,всё как надо!

  4. tetris says:

    с пивом,всё как положено!

  5. CORRECTOR says:


  6. QAW says:

    Best use for Russian cars ever. Seems kinda wild not having any real safety seats/helmets/whatever… Then again, it’s Russia.

    Also, the armors on those cars seem like they are welded together from stolen gas pipes. Might explain why there are so many gas fires/explosions in Russia.

  7. pimp says:

    So this is the famous Russian cars, very old and ugly.

  8. Exbob says:

    Oh, you’re such a poser, but anyway nobody cares what you thinking and saying.

  9. Domo says:

    Who won, anyway?

  10. Delta says:

    Now that is what i call Russian ! :D

  11. Ugly American says:

    Now this is quality entertainment!

    I hear the old Slayer song Piece by Piece in my head when I see these pictures.

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