16 Live Maggots, Spectacular UFO and more

Live Maggots, Spectacular UFO and more

Posted on June 5, 2009 by

Russian news

Today’s edition of short stories being popular in Russia lately. Some of them too small for a separate post but fits well in one big.

The first photo here is about some grand-dad and a bear, though some say he is gipsie, not Russian, anyway let’s go inside to see what’s more.

Russian news 2

This photos of the construction site were published by some guy flying around the Moscow. Around the usual Russian summer houses you can see someone is building something really huge, with labyrinths and what to be a waterfall-like fountains.

Russian news 2

This became much discussed very fast, trying to guess who would be the owner. Many made their guesses that it should be someone from the government.

Then some time later a handy cartoon appeared describing the differences between Russian and American authorities, as someone can see them.

The translation of it is something like, Russian guy is partying with American, then Russian asks: “Look, John, we are having party here, but who’s paying? John answers: Do you see that bridge Ivan? The drivers has to pay each time they pass thru it, so we can have money to party. Then John comes to Ivan and they are having even more fun there. Then, in turn, John asks Ivan where are the money from. Ivan says: “Do you see the bridge?”, John looks in the window but can’t see any. “No I don’t”, answers he. “That’s where the money are from!”, explains Ivan.

What we have next is a wending machine.


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16 Responses to “Live Maggots, Spectacular UFO and more”

  1. briedis says:

    Walshebniy krolyk :D

  2. Gena says:

    Interesting! I like the apartment division! NicE!

  3. That tornado + lightning image is old. I used the exact same one for a CD cover around 9 years ago.

  4. Vernite GAZ says:

    etis atis animatis/ etis atis amatis
    Маленький сектант люцифер на Евровидении

  5. ef says:

    cords or bookmark or link or anything to google maps please )

  6. Reinis I. says:

    The Google Maps image quite clearly says 2007 not 1997.

  7. hagnat says:

    the ‘mongolian calendar’ dates to 2007, not 1997… looks like its still alive and kickin

  8. GAZ says:

    Волшебный кролик!
    Маленький сектант люцифер– на детском Евровидении
    Этис атис аниматис, этис атис аматис – Этот страх имеет душу, этот страх вы любите. (Лат)

  9. BlitzHolland says:

    The calendar its not alive it stoped in 2007 or 1997

  10. wtf says:

    Judging by this post, I am under the impression that the moderator must be illiterate or a heavy drug user. Or both.

  11. Val says:

    Guys !

    How did he make that b&w animation of two cars ?
    Is there some tool to render it from a series of photographs ?

  12. Henrik says:

    Why would it say 2007 if it stopped in 1997? Also the satellite images on Google maps aren’t updated that often, so the tradition is probably still alive.

    Here is more about that tornado image, which of course isn’t from Russia at all:

  13. CMK says:

    That video scared the bejeezus outta me.

  14. Dmitry says:

    Russian guy from Belarus living in Norway – русский парень из Белоруссии, живущий в Норвегии ??

  15. JaneAir says:

    Товарищи, ну сколько можно уже праздновать!? Уже реально голова кругом идёт от этих праздников, наверное на самом деле нужно было куда-нибудь ехать, а не валять дурака все 10 дней. Уже просто не знаю чем себя занять – в квартире прибралась, отмыла и отчистила всё что только можно, отметили всей толпой Хэппи Нью Еар, отошли от его отмечания, доели и допили всё, что осталось от новогодней пьян.. ночи :) Отошли от доедания и допивания, выбрались на природу, на шашлыки, покатались на горных лыжах, покатали шары в боулинге, в кинотеатре поглядели Аватар, покатались с горок на ватрушках, в гости к родителям съездила. Сегодня утром проснулась и осознала, что впереди ещё пять дней отдыха. Чем заняться ещё, уже ума не приложу. Кто вообще чем занимается в эти праздники, поделитесь со мной идеями.
    ЗЫ И правда говорят, что десять дней отдыха – это удар, но не только по экономике страны, но и про нам самим)))

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