14 Comedy Goes Horror

Comedy Goes Horror

Posted on June 2, 2009 by

Famous comedies become horror 45

“Bridget Jones Diary”

Russian Photoshop Masters from lepra.ru decided to imagine how the dvd covers of famous comedy movies could look if they turned to horror films, or vice versa.

Famous comedies become horror 5

“The Call”

Famous comedies become horror 8

“American Pie”


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14 Responses to “Comedy Goes Horror”

  1. Pros says:


  2. kepl says:

    First 0_o

  3. pimp says:

    Russian humor is strange.

  4. Jose says:

    Surprising how they know who Alf is

  5. Kirov says:

    I like Home Alone. I am home alone. I have no friends. Just me and my right hand. In dark corner.

  6. Kometya says:

    The Wall-E ones are awesome

  7. English Brazil says:

    the teletubbies is the best one…

  8. psp go says:

    Wall-E:Salvation was really awesome

  9. Kevin Arth says:

    Not sure if it was the language barrier, but I didn’t really get most of them.

  10. petrolhead says:

    Most of them are what you’d call pun, thus impossible to translate.

  11. Xen says:

    …and “Spizdili” its “Snatch” by Guy Ritchie.

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