Russia, Pacman

28 Pacman Goes Moscow

Pacman Goes Moscow

Pacman and jelyfish went exploring Moscow. And it was not a
marketing campaign of any sort, just pure act of exploration.
St.Petersburg, Russia

43 St. Petersburg: Now and Then 2

St. Petersburg: Now and Then 2

Sergei Larenkov, the author of "Petersburg Now and Then" has released the second part of the
modern city photos combined with the photo made during the city siege at World War2.
Tallest Russian monuments 9

23 The Sword of Victory

The Sword of Victory

These days there were huge celebrations for the Victory Day - the annual date when they mark the victory of Russia in World War 2. In Russia people got really amused when someone tells them that World War 2 was won by allies. Every Russia, from schoolboy to oldest granddad know that the World War 2 victory is Russian. So right after the war ended the decided to commemorate the victory in art too. They wanted to erect something as big as never was done before. So the idea came to
someone to build not one but a chain of monuments and place them in different locations to shock the imagination of people with the scale of this creation. And so it has been done. Three huge tall monuments were build in three locations - from Ural mountains in the central Russia to Berlin, Germany. All three monuments were connected by one item. It was a huge metal sword of victory. Let's go inside to see all three in detail.
Moscow gas explosion

11 Moscow Blast

Moscow Blast

On last saturday there was a huge badaboom in Moscow, Russia. A gas pipeline 3 feet (1 meter) in diameter exploded under the ground. The flame was two hundred meters (600 ft) tall and was seen from almost every location across the city, so
many people got disturbed. Let's see some photos from the location, during the fire and after. There is a video down there too. They say a spiderman was suspected and was close to be arrested (as on the first photo).
19 No Road Markings, Please

No Road Markings, Please

Driving in Russia is largerly intuitive, who needs road markings when he
controls the situation? And this video is a good proof for this statement.
Russian Sand Sculptures

30 Russian Sand Sculptures

Russian Sand Sculptures

These days there was a sand sculptures contest in Moscow. Some of the most cool looking ones you can find in this post. The organizers didn't realize that Moscow is not the best place to held such an event because of unstable spring
climate. Usually those contests are being conducted in the regions where the rains are not so often, but in this place and this time of the years rains just can go daily, so it's big pity they didn't last long.
Tilt shift photos of Novosibirsk, Russia

18 Novosibirsk Toy City

Novosibirsk Toy City

Those photos are made using tilt-shift technology. They always look fascinating making the
normal objects look toyish. This time is Novosibirsk, Russia in toy-mode.
Parking in Moscow, Russia

10 Park Bit Closer

Park Bit Closer

We've had already here an evidence that people try to park effictevily in Russia, and here is another exactly same situation, when a few cars were parked
as close as they could so the owner also had to get out through his car's fifth door in order to be able drive out from his parking lot.
14 The Teabag Tragedy

The Teabag Tragedy

A sad story of Mr.
Teabag and his beloved
Russian parade

21 Parade Wars

Parade Wars

Some Russian people have their own look at
parade pics. via tebe-interesno

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