Russians travel abroad
19 Russian Travel Stories 2

Russian Travel Stories 2

Three more travel stories of Russian people being popular lately on Russian Internet. First one is about the Russian tourists in Florida where they read in local travel about the law that prohibits sexual relations with a porcupine. That seemed so funny to them, that after some drinks they decided to get a live porcupine and
prove that they can break such stupid law. Their travel mates weren't sure they would manage get one, and were very surprised when guys brought a creature from somewhere and then... well then they did it. Then later that night they had flight to California, and next morning they found out that...
Another Russian parking

16 Another Parking Genius

Another Parking Genius

And yet one more parking genius. As people say he parked, but couldn't get out from the car,
obviously, and then he wasn't brave enough to drive out too, so just stayed in the car.
Russian car of wood

13 Wooden Car: In Detail

Wooden Car: In Detail

We have had the wooden car from Ukraine some time ago here, but
here are the more detailed views of this creation.
Russian tricks

21 Russian Balance Tricks

Russian Balance Tricks

With those cool Russian balance tricks you can entertain yourself or your friends at some party. For the first trick you will need a glass bottle, a cork, a piece of thread and a matchstick. With a thread one can tightly tie the upper part of bottle
neck then put the end of the matchstick horizontally on the cork and then holding the matchstick with a finger the thread ends should be tied above the matchstick. Now if to mount this system on the desktop edge it would...
Russian homo



It seems like Russian OMOH
doesn't like Russian HOMO.
Russian racoon pet

18 Russian Racoon Pet

Russian Racoon Pet

This Russian family is having racoon as a pet. Seems they enjoy being
together, just look at those racoon family photos clipped to fridge.
Russian trains crash

12 Russian Trains Go Off Rails

Russian Trains Go Off Rails

It's sad but sometimes
trains go off rails.
23 Russian Roof Jumping

Russian Roof Jumping

Roof jumping is Russian fun when people jump from just regular resedential houses with tied the rope. There are many risks involved in this, like hitting some balcony or a wall-mounted antenna, because of
this guys who do this for the first time need to take some time to prepare themselves, like this guy couldn't do this for first four minutes, and then the jump itself after the fourth minute.
Russian wooden hadron collider

47 Russian Wooden Collider

Russian Wooden Collider

When the rest of the world waits, holding its breath, for the start of the large hadron collider in Europe, those Russian people decided not to wait, but to built a prototype of the
collider by themselves. As for the choice of the material there was not a big choice, they decided to follow local traditions and make it out of wood, why not?
Russian computer tips

31 Two Russian Notebook Uses

Two Russian Notebook Uses

Here are two tips from Russian bloggers that were pretty popular in Russia, and might be of some use for someone not in Russia too. Both of them involve computers in some bit not common way.
The first one is about how the small-sized laptop could be used to check if your microwave oven has enough shielding to protect you from dangerous microwave radiation.

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