28 The CD Bubbles

The CD Bubbles

Posted on May 29, 2009 by

This Russian girl can teach you on this video how to make bubbles out of regular CD, they look like soap bubbles and when they cool down they remind condoms in a way.

All you need is just a regular CD or DVD and then a lighter. She explains the rest of the process.

Bubbles from CD

That’s an example of outcomes.

Bubbles from CD 2

Bubbles from CD 3

Bubbles from CD 4

Bubbles from CD 5

Bubbles from CD 6

Bubbles from CD 7

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28 Responses to “The CD Bubbles”

  1. first says:


  2. pimp says:

    So this is how Russian make their cheap condoms.

  3. Moskvitch_50 says:

    I’m sure this isn’t in any way toxic or cancer-inducing.

  4. hat says:

    That is ridiculously neat. Great party trick!

  5. FailMaster says:

    I tried this just now with a clear CD, just like the girl in this video. 3 attempts and they all failed. I think this is a viral video.

    • Swede says:

      Don’t expect instant results. She has trained many years with lighter and heroin.

      • FailMaster says:

        Maybe I should seek her for advice. I’m growing tired of the USA anyway. I think a permanent trip to Mother Russia will do me good. Maybe I’ll find some real freedom.

        OK OK, I’m ranting.

    • Finnish miss india alcoholic online says:

      You forget to add your sperm

  6. aerosquid says:

    i tried it with a clear cd and it worked. FailMaster is fail and russian girl is ingenious.

  7. Pacific NW says:

    She’s going to be dead of cancer if she keeps that up. The fumes from burning CD’s should never be inhaled at all.

    On another note, I think microwaving CD’s for 3 seconds is more fun, an electrical arc forms and a pattern is left behind that looks like lightning struck.

  8. Jason says:

    Why purchase 1 when you can make your own from a TDK or Maxell!

  9. Kirov says:

    one question only ?

    Why ?

  10. Enter to win! says:

  11. Spanic says:

    It worked :P, Tried with a cd, had to take off the sticker on top first tho.

  12. Reinis I. says:

    It’s beautiful! Not.

  13. adhd says:

    yea thats why everyone in russia has syphilis lmao

  14. Barry O says:

    What sort of accent does that girl have? (what part of Russia)

  15. Teepquic says:

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  16. Peter says:

    I try it, and it works, but not with normal CD you have to use the CD like looking plastic stuff, which is included in the box with many CDs or DVDs (10, 24 etc) as last in a row. I thing it is for fixing or something, its transparent and much thinner than normal CD. Sometimes hard to get because not in every box included :)

  17. BingoBango says:

    heating a cd produces cyanide.

  18. Tiny Winter says:

    Wonderful site, where did you come up with the knowledge in this write-up? Im happy I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.

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