35 Moscow UFO?

Moscow UFO?

Posted on May 27, 2009 by

Russian UFO in Moscow

Russian people of Moscow got nice view a few days ago from their windows on the late night skies.

“At 2.00am we went to walk our friends over, and then has seen THIS. It was moving with the speed of the plane so I didn’t have enough time to get the holder to make more clear shots.”, writes the lady who made the photos.

Russian UFO in Moscow 1

Russian UFO in Moscow 2

Russian UFO in Moscow 3

Russian UFO in Moscow 4

Russian UFO in Moscow 5

Russian UFO in Moscow 6

Russian UFO in Moscow 7

Russian UFO in Moscow 8

Russian UFO in Moscow 9


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35 Responses to “Moscow UFO?”

  1. Jason says:



  2. котопес says:

    мы видели так все и было

  3. hazard_ says:

    These are traces left by the launch of Soyuz rocket with Meridian satellite.

  4. Ironfist says:

    Damnit, third.

  5. Aaron says:

    This is most likely a rocket as #2 stated. I have seen something close to this when they launched a rocket from a base near my house.

  6. Kirov says:

    Medvedev started his Lada. Its pollution generator is notorius.

  7. Sclith says:

    Its a giant lighter-than-air jellyfish from outer space!
    Very cool photos!

  8. qwertz says:

    “It was moving with the speed of the plane”, really? I don’t think so, look at every picture, it doesn’t move a bit.

  9. w says:

    It is my semen love splodge flying from my meaty batton. I made love by the window by myself last night.

  10. BeeBop says:

    It’s a GSV

  11. Adolf Hitler says:

    It’s obviously Nazi UFO new weapon against jews!

  12. Jason says:


    for now….

  13. Bremm says:


    I think it was an aircraft passing through the sound barrier.

  14. BlitzHolland says:

    Some new fancy Russian jet maybe Su T50? xD

  15. matt from TN-USA says:

    notice how in all the photos the object’s position barely changes at all relative to the building with the crane. it’s moving very slow, around the speed of a cloud. that’s actually because the object is a cloud

  16. Scott says:

    hello. ufo not

  17. JG says:

    @andy has it right. It’s the contrail of a rocket/missile launch that is ionized by solar radiation and spread out by the Earth’s magnetic fields at high altitude.

  18. Thanks for the photos. Theres some really interresting pics there. Good job.

  19. Ms. Kovalyova says:

    Wonderful Pictures!

  20. vodkins says:

    Just interesting cloud effect, i think.

  21. Yoron says:

    Yeah, gotta be a cloud of some sort, but very cool photos.

  22. Ella says:

    You made fantastic nice points here. I performed a search on the issue and discovered almost all peoples will agree with your blog.

  23. I’m pretty sure it might be a airplane it’s a secret by the way it flies very fast. I think i know the name of the airplane but it’s a secret you’ll figure out I guess. Thanks for showing the photographs. Have fun!

  24. jonny bones says:


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