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Short Russian News

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Russian news

There are everyday some short things going around Russian blogs that can’t be put in a separate post, because they lack pictures and have just a few words to tell about them but still look cool. So I decided to put them from time to time in one post.

For today we have a few too. First one is the Russian family back from end of 19th century. At that times big families were a good tradition of Russian nation and sometimes they were as big as this one, so they could make those cool according to height standing photos.

Russian news 2

The second story was about this young Russian boy. What he doing on this photo is sleeping when it is strong minus outside but he gets heated by the body of dying sea cow. He got very tired during the walrus hunt and while others were busy moving the giant dead bodies to the ship he got his minute and felt asleep on a warm animal.

Russian news 3

Another one is no-photoshop shot of the Moon rising above the church in St. Petersburg, Russia. He used some special lens of course, but no post photo processing.

Russian news 4

This story was about a Japanese wildlife photographer who was killed by a brown bear in Kamchatka, Russia. This was yesterday spread across blogs as his last photo, taken seconds before death. Impressive isn’t it?

For a big pity its a fake, according to his biography he didn’t make some last photo, but was carried away by a bear from his tent to the forest and his friends couldn’t find him.

And a small video, back from 1986, when Soviet Union was still alive, but already close to its total collapse. This is the commercial for a JUICER (no brand, just generic soviet juicer).

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29 Responses to “Short Russian News”

  1. Plano, Texas says:

    Good idea – thanks…

  2. RichardOn says:

    Interesting site, but much advertisments on him. Shall read as subscription, rss.

  3. blah says:


  4. Fake Miss India says:

    OMG Russian companies were so poor they couldn’t even afford a brand name

    • Olezhka says:

      Haha, everything was state property, there was no need to have some other kind of jucer – it wasn’t popular thing, even popular things where in a very limited variety. That’s why it’s not the commercial for THE Jucer – it was a commercial for A JUCER – between the lines it was like “you should better buy one, please do that… we got plenty in the warehouses, and we got a plan to sell NNNN of them” and we’re doomed if you won’t…

    • Bilbos says:

      You don’t need a brand name when the whole country is one big factory)

  5. r. johnson says:

    RayJay says.
    Hello!!! I’m a first timer on this site but hopefully not the last. I very much like the site overall but the comment section can be both fun and comical or mean and hateful. I’ll stick my 2 cents in every now and then when the comment’s are hot and fast. To the Master of the Post, a very big THANK YOU.

  6. miss India says:

    india Again you here, the alcoholic?

  7. Rodriguez says:

    May be commercial of juice is funny, but all juices in USSR was a natural product without any chemicals ingredients.

    • lithuania is No 1 says:

      Yeh they were fully organic meaning that rotten fruit, dirt, rats, garbage were used to make juice. Quality control was non-existant.

      • Carl XVI Gustaf says:

        Lithuania? Wasn´t that the place we marched over when taking control of Poland? Can you name a country that has been successfully making war against England, France and Russia? No, Gitler as these guys say, wasn´t very successfull..

        • scot says:

          Well – the Norman French invaded England in 1066 – and they are still here – now called aristocrats.

          Vikings did a pretty good job too…

          Oh and the Angles and Saxons…

    • CZenda says:

      Who told you that?
      I remember a lesson (80s/90s) on Geiger-Muller which included a simple comparison of a canned fish from the Atlantic (Portuguese origin) and that imported from the former USSR (Baltic origin).
      Guess what the counter did 5 years after Chernobyl…

  8. pioner says:

    Very selective site, half of remarks not прпускают, for example about that that these your pictures at all do not reflect Russian validity, you that, think at all of us actually so?

  9. Johnny says:

    The СОКИ-Commercial is genius!
    And yes, there was quality control, whichever product passed it got this sign: http://download.akniga.ru/Pics/31/P12_3128.jpg

  10. Pacific NW says:

    Too bad the Soviets didn’t have the Sham-Wow guy to push their juicer.

  11. Miss India says:

    OMG 5 of those lovely kids will die before reaching adulthood thanks to widepsread poverty and disease in poor Russia :(

  12. marco says:

    BTW much better than “Mentos a fresh air explosion” ads…

  13. Andrius says:

    The song and the guy are incredibly annoying.

  14. Cigarettes says:

    I like this song and it message too. Let’s live healthier.

  15. skymning says:

    Quite a catchy song actually. ;) Could someone translate it please?

  16. nowadays, it is sometimes to get fresh air in big cities and even in suburbs.:~”

  17. Nice post , this was funny …,keep up the good work !

  18. LOL… Nice posting.
    Thanks for sharing.
    All the best,

    Soendoro Soetanto

  19. Marion Chhim says:

    Great juicy Information, thanks at the fine refreshing Article. Also check out this juicers information Site. information about juicers

  20. Akasha says:

    The first photo shows russian-german immigrants in the usa
    I’m studying american history and this is a picture from our lectures

  21. i love breathing fresh air coz it is very soothing to the lungs, it also revitalizes my body*,”

  22. i like instrumental music because of its very relaxing nature:-,

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