13 Francisco Infante-Arana

Francisco Infante-Arana

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Francisco Infante-Arana

Some people think that during Soviet era there were no alternative art in Russia, but only portraits of Lenin were popular and only scenes of everyday Soviet life were depicted. To tell truth I was a bit shocked when met those installations by Russian (yes, he is Russian, no matter what was his name – he had Spanish father but was raised by Russian mother in Russia) artist Francisco Infante-Arana.

He used no photoshop, mainly because most of the images you see in this post are from 1970-1980s, he used only natural objects like mirrors, ropes and cords and endulged a lot into the effect of light and shadow.

He became widely recognized even by Soviet officials and hold personal exhibitions, as well as his art pieces were shown in main Russian museums like Tretyakovka.

Francisco Infante-Arana 1

Francisco Infante-Arana 2

Francisco Infante-Arana 3

Francisco Infante-Arana 4

Francisco Infante-Arana 5

Francisco Infante-Arana 6

Francisco Infante-Arana 7

Francisco Infante-Arana 8

Francisco Infante-Arana 9


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13 Responses to “Francisco Infante-Arana”

  1. 3nd and 4th obviously inspired by works of kandinski
    and if you say “soviet” and “avantgarde” you have to say “constructivism”!

  2. boriska says:

    что это за абстракционизм?

  3. цвет нации says:

    Not laziness was so much hogwash to spread?

  4. Rodriguez says:

    Lady GaGa`s suit designers?

  5. zipp says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    The first ones, the ones with the mirror on the glass are very similar to some American hunter’s invention. He used something like that to hide himself from game right out in the open.

  7. H. Cook esq. says:

    A lot of set-up time. Great work!

  8. John says:

    Thanks for posting so many great pieces of art work by Francisco Infante-Arana. That guy is amazing!

  9. scot says:

    Nice – wierd and cool.

    Not sure about the costumes though….

  10. Pessimist says:

    About half of them suck, it’s the nature and buildings that make them look nicer than they are.

  11. Fumier says:

    Pics 1_014 through 1_019 bear some resemblance to One Must Fall 2097. Cool.

  12. Yoron says:

    Reminds me of Salvadore Dali in some way. But different.

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