32 Sorry, no moustache

Sorry, no moustache

Posted on May 25, 2009 by

Celebrities shaved

Russian bloggers tried to imagine how some famous celebrities could look without the face hair.

They face shaved them with a stroke of a photoshop eraser.

Celebrities shaved 2

Celebrities shaved 3

Celebrities shaved 4

Celebrities shaved 5

Celebrities shaved 6

Celebrities shaved 7

Celebrities shaved 8

Celebrities shaved 9

Celebrities shaved 10

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32 Responses to “Sorry, no moustache”

  1. Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

    First ! PhotoShoped!

  2. kosherbacon says:

    I think the CIA or FBI did composite images of bin-Laden without a beard as well.

  3. Kirov says:

    I think man without facial hair is not real man!! Mother tells me a man should be big, strong, hairy and smelly – I think she was making me compliment!!

  4. Tropylium says:

    Che sans Musta looks like something out of Planet of the Apes.

  5. YJ says:

    I can’t believe I look like Osama Bin Laden.

  6. Anrkist says:

    What do we have to imagine… that’s how they would look without the beard/mustache. Cool idea though, especially since the world HATES facial hair this generation.

  7. Bremm says:

    Mites burrow into the skin, where they live and lay eggs.

    Yes, beard is just a colony. :)

  8. Tomala says:

    Peace means no mustaches!

  9. Pacific NW says:

    Like my father is always telling me, “never trust a man with a mustache, unless he is your father.”

  10. Pacific NW says:

    They should have added some Lukeshenko shots, I have a collection of photo’s of him simply because I’m facinated by his mustache. It’s surely the envy of every cop in the entire U.S..

  11. Wagner says:

    Hitler looks so much better

  12. mmyes says:

    Dali looks like Colin Mochrie!

  13. Lai-Lai says:

    It’s amazing how much younger & better men look when they shave.

  14. bitki derman says:

    It’s surely the envy of every cop in the entire U.S..

  15. tim says:

    osama looks like ray romano

  16. passer by says:

    Is it just me or shaved Tolstoy is a total House (M.D.) look-alike?

  17. Musa says:

    Bravo Anon, Bravo!

  18. Jerinko says:

    Hi, i’m seven and interested

  19. Jerinko says:

    Hi, i’m seven, what is this?

  20. Cristina says:

    moldavian artist Roman Tolici had a similar project – an extended, much better looking gallery of de’stache’d dudes http://www.romantolici.ro/barbersshop.php

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  23. Dr. House is really the best, i love his character and he is a medical genious too*~”

  24. soccer says:

    lol, they all are looking funny. Some of them are also looking handsome without moustache.

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