16 Russian Firefighter Mona Lisa

Russian Firefighter Mona Lisa

Posted on May 25, 2009 by

Russian Mona Lisa

Now they have their own Firefighter Mona Lisa (also known as La Gioconda) dressed into Russian army uniform depicted on the front of fire dept of Grodno city. She is surrounded by Russian firefighters and the look on her face gives out that she enjoys her new assignment.

Russian Mona Lisa 2

Russian Mona Lisa 3

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16 responses to “Russian Firefighter Mona Lisa”

  1. Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

    First! I love hard army cock.

  2. Real CZenda, not the impostor says:

    The woman on the fresco has the face of La Gioconda – so far, so good, the author just made a copy to save time and effort.
    Now comes the ROFL part – the figure is, in fact, St. Barbara, patron saint of firemen (together with St. Florian), artillerymen and miners. The airfield control tower she holds and her Red Army uniform are, indeed, psychedelic.
    This is even better than St. Christopher in uniform as pictured here: http://englishrussia.com/?p=2716#more-2716

  3. Picsius says:

    Is this vodka on the tray? It look like she is carrying vodka to the brave Russian firefighters.

  4. dameda says:

    for some reason she looks like Lois Griffin from family guy…

  5. blank says:

    For the love of all that is good and pure, get rid of those auto-loading videos about dish soap. I will never return to this website.

  6. Bryan says:

    I think she looks like Lois Griffin more then Mona Lisa..

  7. Administrare says:

    OMG, this is amazing 😀 Russia rulez!

  8. bbnnvv says:

    Grodno is in Belorusia, not in Russia

  9. chabbix says:

    Ha-ha-ha!! The middle soldier is a Jewish symbol above his head! (original picture, over)They knocked the Russians already! HA-HA-HA !

  10. Is this vodka on the tray? It look like she is carrying vodka to the brave Russian firefighters.

  11. cewek lonte says:

    hmmm this great picture 😉

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