9 Floating Away

Floating Away

Posted on May 25, 2009 by

Russian girls swim

Where are those brave Russian girls floating to? Probably to get some more Jaguar drink.

Russian girls swim 1

Russian girls swim 2

Russian girls swim 3

Russian girls swim 4

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9 Responses to “Floating Away”

  1. Mr. Tinkles#2 says:


    again hahahahaha
    it’s getting boring

    well,it is not a “only in Russia” thing,but they could make a better boat,I’ve already made one with my cousin for playing in the lake xD~ they’re gonna ruin their shoes

    whatever,don’t let a girl do a man’s job

  2. w says:

    whats with the creepy child prey posts today?

  3. Picsius says:

    OMFG, Russian are so poor, they don’t have real boats.

  4. Gentle Russian Policeman says:

    Wrong, genius. Teens who go for sports and adventures and crafts and raft-making are NOT the types who go for brain-blunting drinks.

    • Dr. Chaos says:

      Right on Policeman, These Russian kids have got more brains and class than most of these grown people posting crude and insulting comments here. I wonder how they would like it if people talked about THEIR daughters like that. Further, unlike their couch dwelling, homicidal video gaming, American counterparts, these kids have got some imagination and ambition to create their own adventure. It’s no wonder the West is in decline while the East becomes the new paradigm of civilized society.

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