30 Ferrari on Fire

Ferrari on Fire

Posted on May 21, 2009 by

Russian ferrari got burned down

How reliable Ferrari cars are?

Let’s ask this unnamed owner of Ferrari from Moscow Russia:

“I owned Ferrari for 30 minutes. Just bought it for 600,000 EUR and was heading home, when I noticed some smoke coming out from under the hood, I promptly pulled to the sideway and ran out of the car. Just in minutes all my new Ferrari was caught on fire. I really don’t know what has happened.”

We hope her Ferrari has just had some uncommon flaw and the luxury cars of this well known brand are safe and reliable.

The firemen that came to help, just couldn’t do anything, though they got nice photos and video footage for us now.

Russian ferrari got burned down 2

Russian ferrari got burned down 3


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30 Responses to “Ferrari on Fire”

  1. daniel says:

    According to the news, Miss India died in this car.

  2. Ole says:

    Perhaps his daddy can fix it for him.

  3. csiburaska_hu says:

    No, I just heard that she got hit by a gold coated Bumer!

  4. dark black says:

    it’s not the first time ferrari chatches fire out of nowhere. at least few identical incidents have been documented during the last few years – one in Dubai, one in Germany and somewhere else too.

  5. Delta says:

    it started to burn out of nothing??
    to many weird things happen in Russia

  6. Lorenzo says:

    First of all it was SHE, not a he.

    Secondly…I honder how they made a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti cost 600 000euros…

  7. ... says:

    No wonder Ferrari sells so much in Russia: they don’t last long there before they crash and burn.

  8. w says:

    It is in the italian cars DNA to catch fire this is normal.
    The ones that dont self combust die young with tin cancer.

  9. yiami says:

    This is the meaning of brand-new??

  10. Steam McQueen says:

    Secondly…I wonder how they made a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti cost 600 000euros…

    Everything costs more in Russia because of insanely high import tariffs on pretty much everything that comes into the country.

    No pics of the owner?

  11. Johnny says:

    I once saw a Lambo Diablo in just thus condition. I was in Cincinnatti at Skip Jone’s racing shop. It had been towed there, because the insurance co. wanted to do a very thorough investigation. It was owned by a Cinci Bengals football player – forgot who. He was racing it on the Interstate at about 140 when it caught fire. A TV news chopper caught it on film. Only took 10 minutes to destroy it completely. Skip told me that a fuel line came loose and splashed fuel on the super hot manifold. These cars are built for perfectly smooth asphalt. The combination of the high fuel pressure and vibration and imperfect driving surfaces causes this to happen frequently. Barbecued horsey for dinner!

  12. Pacific NW says:

    Should have bought a Toyaota Camry.

  13. KBR says:

    This shows that the owner is lazy. The main difference between performance cars (like Ferrari) and normal cars, is the temperature of engine during driving. The temperature of engine of performance cars is much higher, even higher when driving at RPM (racing). Normally it is no problem, it only becomes problem when you do not take care of the cooling system (like not enough water, or anything else that cools the engine).
    And I don’t think that it is a brand new one.

  14. YJ says:

    This is why they sold it to him in the first place.

  15. Steven says:

    Ok, I saw a guy with “DPS” on his uniform. What does that stand for? Are they so silly as to use russian acronyms for american words?

  16. dcc says:

    Ferraris and city driving don’t mix well. Probably the clutch overheated, catching fire. That’s an expensive bonfire indeed..

    @Steven: DPS stands for Дорожно-патрульная служба, road patrol service, or traffic police.

  17. Lorenzo says:

    DPS = Dorozhno Patrulnaya Sluzhba, Russian traffic police.

    Btw, I read that in most supercars you are not allowed to brake with full power during the first 500km, otherwise brakes might overheat and light on fire.

  18. CBEH says:

    There is a small fix that must be performed on Ferrari’s fuel system. Most American Ferrari owners have this update correction performed before buying a Ferrari. American Ferrari dealerships have been advising Ferrari of this for many years, but the stubborn Italian car maker refuses to believe there is anything wrong with their fuel system.

  19. sokol't says:

    last time i checked, the F360 wasn’t in production anymore and it was mid engined. fake.

  20. Ximlania says:

    Internal combustion????at much larger scale! ! ! !

  21. SumKindaFreaky says:

    Maybe she got a “scorching” deal!!!

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