13 Wooden Car: In Detail

Wooden Car: In Detail

Posted on May 19, 2009 by

Russian car of wood

We have had the wooden car from Ukraine some time ago here, but here are the more detailed views of this creation.

Russian car of wood 1

Russian car of wood 2

Russian car of wood 3

Russian car of wood 4

Russian car of wood 5

Russian car of wood 6

Russian car of wood 7

Russian car of wood 8

Russian car of wood 9

Russian car of wood 10

Russian car of wood 11


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13 Responses to “Wooden Car: In Detail”

  1. Alex_AW says:

    Ukraine is not Russia.

  2. Ole says:

    Is there a reason for not posting the promised pictures? Is the OP OK? Did he have a heart attack before he finished posting? Perhaps he just lost interest and fell off his chair.

  3. scot says:

    2 steps apparently!!

  4. Miss India says:

    OMG with all the russian cars i’ve seen on fire, it’d take a dumb russian to make their car out of wood!! :(

  5. notbugs says:

    I can’t se the pictures 1-14 so there is something wrong with this post. So maybe you can check it out and fix it. I’d be very happy and say thanks in advance.



  6. Willie says:

    Just put in –
    Change the number and the pictures 1 through 14 will show up.

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