20 Russian Police Chase 3 [and Fire Lada]

Russian Police Chase 3 [and Fire Lada]

Posted on May 19, 2009 by

Another Russian police chase.

It seems that it was a luck they managed to get him.

Both cars are ladas.

And we’ll pack this post with a fire-lada. You’ll understand why it’s called that after watching thru the middle of the video.

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20 Responses to “Russian Police Chase 3 [and Fire Lada]”

  1. John - Melbourne - Australia says:

    Took some time , but in the end the cops won. Loved it when the cop walks up to the overturned car and casually kicks the driver !!, then drags him out of the wreck.. Russian Justice !! Good to see…….

  2. Andrius says:

    second video: it’s the new riot in hair cuts. can’t wait to get me one of those. looks like a friggin’ rake.

  3. .Memphis. says:

    Haha, Russian cops are to cool for sirens, only some honkin’ on crossroads :D.

    And indeed proof of ubercoolness when first kicking the driver before dragging him out.

  4. KP says:

    Nice, especially the 2nd 1

  5. YJ says:

    Gas tank on fire don’t worry pour vodka on it always solve any problem.

  6. Sclith says:

    плохие мальчики плохие мальчики чего вы идете сделать когда приденное для вас?

  7. Phate says:

    If both cars are ladas, would the kicked one be the passenger???

  8. FIRSTY says:


  9. scot says:

    On the second one….. initialy they put water on a petrol fire… FAIL!! I think I may have been taught not to do that when I was about 8 years old!

  10. Domo says:

    That’s how we treat Estonians!

  11. w says:

    This is why these people drive Lada and not Benz

  12. Jacob says:

    How else do you suggest to treat such trash?

  13. Finik says:

    Worst russian police videos could make a worldwide succee, even though this probably wouldn´t be included.

    Anyway, could someone explain me about this russian naked hidden camera which is shown in many countries i guess; how is it possible to place hidden camera for instance in ladies shower room and make a programe of it?! Don´t you have any laws against such cameras?

  14. Malbruk says:

    Great example of what russians are really about. Kicking other people in the head! Way to go guys!

  15. Zlobniy Shurik says:

    First episode was in Novosibirsk. Speed of Lada was 150 km/h

  16. finfinfin says:

    This is what qualifies Russia as a third world country..

    No offence, but if a fin/swe/uk/fra/den/ger/nor/lit/us-“you name it” cop would do that, he would get fired, and would have to pay huge penalties…

    You got the guy.. He got hurt when he crashed, propably really bad.. Russian cops seem like savages to foreigner like me =(.

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