16 Another Parking Genius

Another Parking Genius

Posted on May 19, 2009 by

Another Russian parking

And yet one more parking genius.

As people say he parked, but couldn’t get out from the car, obviously, and then he wasn’t brave enough to drive out too, so just stayed in the car.

Another Russian parking 2

Another Russian parking 3

Another Russian parking 4

Another Russian parking 5

Another Russian parking 6

Another Russian parking 7

via magnolia-tv.com

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16 Responses to “Another Parking Genius”

  1. YJ says:

    First Finally.

    • Miss India says:

      OMG Russians dont even know how to park a car, no wonder they have the highest car accident rate in the world despite having just 5% of cars compared to USA. :(

      • scot says:

        Statistic based on your amazing imagination!

        Where did you get that from? Is that most acidents per car? or fatalities, or what?

        It appears that – per capita – from the WHO – it’s Ethiopia, not Russia.

        Yet another ill-founded claim based on what you’d like us to believe. Go away, check your facts , come back (!) and give some evidence.

  2. Jason says:

    F I R S T

    Well that was lots of fun and the highest point of my life!

  3. hi hi says:

    Russian are the most creative most smartest people in the world! :)

  4. Mister Pakistan says:

    Ukrane, of course…of course.

  5. w says:

    Ive parked like that before except I borrowed a car and it wasn’t a space per se, more the front door of a house. Needless to say they never stole from me off again.

  6. ll Uncool J says:

    I always say “Park it like yous stole it”

  7. Boomshakalaka says:

    In Russia, car parks you!

  8. Chilean_dude says:

    Why would anyone park like this? What was on her mind?

  9. Hren says:

    This is in Ukraine…………………………………………………………………………………………

  10. WDW says:

    I’m more curious how did driver get out of the car?

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