33 Russian Crowd Action

Russian Crowd Action

Posted on May 12, 2009 by

Russian people make word

“Spasibo” is the word many Russian youngsters formed a few days ago and then made photos and videos of it from helicopter. There is the video down there too.

And yes, “spasibo” means thank you, they could praise god in that way.

Russian people make word 2

Russian people make word 3

Russian people make word 4

via vkontakte

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33 Responses to “Russian Crowd Action”

  1. lithuania is No 1 says:

    Why is Lithuania is so awesome?

    • Miss India says:

      OMG are there really that many people with no jobs that have the afternoon free? sad really. :(

      • pox says:

        soo why you spend so much time in this website? Maybe its time to do some work? And why you always saying “OMG”? Its looks like not everything good in your life. I prefer to say to god: thank you , like those people on pictures.

        • Miss India says:

          OMG you are so sad :(

          • pox says:

            Oh sorry. I thought that you just member of this website. I thought that your life is the sadness thing in the world. Becouse u have no job, have no money, have no family. I was wrong. You are just spambot.
            BTW: It’s not sad, but I dont understand why you are still not banned. :P

          • Kosmania says:

            Miss india has a hidden talent of irony in self-example, she is just not aware of it

  2. PM says:

    Human pixels FTW!

  3. Kirov says:

    Why ?

  4. Pacific NW says:

    Praise God?

  5. boriska says:

    The new comment format is horrible.

  6. proverka says:

    mr. proverka

  7. q says:

    hi mr. proverka, i am mr. nahodka

  8. mr. 1 says:

    ha ha Russian people are dumb

  9. Jason says:

    Bolshoia spasibo

    Ye nim noga penymiyo paruska.ah we!

    • SSSR says:

      Big thank you

      I a little understand Russian,and you!

      Is that what you was trying to write in english letters?
      It looks like you need more practice writing english russian words.

  10. Anrkist says:

    The new comment system is dreadful… install JS-Kit or Intense Debate =p

  11. Russ, Ian says:

    It would probably take a lot less americans to do the same thing. They are very fat and will cover more square footage.

    • Jason says:

      America is the whole world,every race from every country!

      Even people from your country!

      • Russ, Ian says:

        I agree. But it doesn’t negate the fact that Americans are fat slobs.

        • Jason says:

          America is a big country with a large population,so there would be many fat people.My cousin saw many fat people when she was in Italy.

          I know some women from Russia that are fat because they drive cars now.When they lived in Russia they were skinny because they walked everywhere and used public transportation.

          • Russ, Ian says:

            Jason, you should be a kindergarten teacher. Your thought process would totally relate to 5-year olds. It’s an obvious reason that there are fat people everywhere. However, US and England has the most per capita due to bad quality food and the social and economic structure and many other factors.

            • Jason says:

              Yes that is true,but not all americans are fat!

              For around 230 years america has been about free enterprise,the land of the free!

              I could say all Russians drink vodka everyday.That would be another stereotype.

              We all choose to live our lives as we wan’t

              Now there are fast food restaurants world wide.

              Mcdonald’s and KFC next to each other in the Ekaterinbug Mega Mall in Russia!!

          • Kirov says:

            I agree with you Jason.

            Russians are getting fatter very fast. Russian males older than 30 in general are chubby-to-fat-to-very-fat because of drinking and no exercise. Bad food : mayonnaise is the main ingredient in a salad in Russia, salo… look at all these ward-robe like guys with their puffy faces and blueish white complexion, not very healthy, right ?

            Russian girls and eastern european girls in general are like black girls, slim and nice when young, but after 25 they quickly get chubby and fat, turning into little apples very fast. Genetics and bad eating habits are again to blame. And no exercise..

  12. Latwian power says:

    da, spassibo bolshoi.

  13. Latwian power says:

    da, spassibo bolshoy.

  14. Dima says:

    It took place on May 9th, they saying thank you to WW2 veterans.

  15. Alfa says:

    to veterans of The Great Patriotic War!

  16. BlitzHolland says:


  17. Piglet says:

    Just to clarify things, this isn’t a form of praising God – this flashmob took place on May 9th, the day of Nazi Germany’s capitulation. It is to say “Thank You” to the veterans who fought in WW2 and thanks to whom we are alive.

    To the person who said “you have too much free time” – the 9th of May is a National Holiday. People bothered to get up in the morning and gather at one spot – some traveled from the other end of the city, some – even from the suburbs. Yes. What a lot of free time we have on our hands, how silly of me to not have realized it… Oh, and quite a few people bought flowers with their own money to give them to the Veterans. Hmmm, seems we, the Russian youth, have a lot of spare money, too….

    To the mods: this sort of disinformation is thoroughly disgusting. Please change the description. An apology would be nice, too

  18. Coco Martin says:

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