46 Logos Gone Wild

Logos Gone Wild

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Russian photoshop masters from leprosorium.ru decided to imagine a bit how did the logos of the famous brands could act if they were not printed objects but real life creatures.

See what they came to with this.

logo 2

logo 3

logo 4

logo 5

logo 6

logo 7

logo 8

logo 9

logo 10


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46 Responses to “Logos Gone Wild”

  1. russia says:


  2. russia says:


  3. scot says:

    OK! ok!

    What’s up with posting now…?

    seen these…

  4. haha says:

    cool site thanks!

  5. Harry says:

    i like the ominous firefox earth.

  6. Colar says:

    1. Lacoste
    2. Puma
    3. Peugeot
    4. Nike
    5. Apple
    6. Playboy
    7. Linux
    8. Ferrari
    9. ?
    10. openSUSE
    11. Red Hat
    12. Camel
    13. Photoshop
    14. Kappa
    15. Addidas
    16. Java
    17. FreeBSD
    18. ?
    19. ?
    20. Mercedes
    21. ?
    22. ?
    23. Windows
    24. Malibu
    25. Lamborghini
    26. Mazda
    27. Puma
    28. ?
    29. Volvo
    30. Disney
    31. Aston Martin
    32. Timberland
    33. Adobe Acrobat
    34. Firefox

  7. h says:

    those first images are by artist helmut smits. I hope those guys arent trying to take credit for that.

  8. AngryBananas says:

    lolz. the windows is a windows.

  9. adios says:


  10. shravan says:

    love the post. AWESOME!!!

  11. Boavoz says:

    [...] Nosso amigo Tuta nos mandou um mail com um boa dica, trata-se de um site russo que resolveu brincar com marcas famosas e as trouxe para o mundo real. As montagens não são nenhum primor no Photoshop, mas o que vale mesmo é a idéia. Confira aqui mais algumas imagens: http://englishrussia.com/?p=2725#more-2725 [...]

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  13. biff says:

    those suck pretty hard

  14. [...] das mídias, dos produtos, as marcas voltaram ao seu habitat natural. Essa foi a proposta do site russo. Confira algumas dessas [...]

  15. Taisa says:

    About the logos:
    8 – it looks like corel x3
    18 – an old corel draw…i think corel 8 or 10
    27 – Puma and Jaguar

    love the work

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  17. petrolhead says:

    Ferrari prancing horse has always been BLACK not yellow.

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  23. logorama says:

    make sure you see the short film Logorama, an animation made exclusivly out of logos! And it’s brilliant. Won an oscar!

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