21 Parade Wars

Parade Wars

Posted on May 7, 2009 by

Russian parade

Some Russian people have their own look at parade pics.

Russian parade 2

via tebe-interesno

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21 Responses to “Parade Wars”

  1. lithuania is Number 1 says:

    Why is it that Lithuania is so wonderful and awesome? It’s kind of unfair to other people living in all other countries.

    • hat says:

      Does anyone even know where Lithuania is?

      And I don’t get this update. The first picture is kind of neat, but the second one is just, what? What is a parade war? Will English Russia ever be updated by someone who can convey information in words?

  2. te says:

    Is Lithuania a lake or something, or what?

  3. aha says:

    that’s a powerful stack of units.

  4. scot says:

    Well, Pjotr,….

    It could just be the irrelevant (to the pics) comments from “lithuania is Number 1″. He is simply posts to get some response. This will degenerate into an orgy of name calling, swearing and racist bigotry.

    Welcome to ER.

  5. Kirov says:

    Pjotr, Russia>Lithuania in every way. Sorry mate, but Lithuania is a drughole/random lake.

  6. Maddcowe says:

    My stack of units is about to explode…everyone stand back.

  7. russkiy v proshlom says:

    You are exactly right my friend!

  8. Johnny says:

    Don’t get the first one, but I love the idea of the second one!

  9. Aj says:

    Russians should really repair their units.

  10. areyoukidding says:

    you russian really need to go back spying so you can upgrade your air force .

  11. buy jeans says:

    lol, that’s realy an idea

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