59 Russian Living Statues Contest

Russian Living Statues Contest

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Russian Live Statues

You’ve probably seen from time to time those people who pretend to be a statue standing on the streets somewhere in downtown in summer time, freaking out the passers by, earning some spare coins. Now all of those came to Russian city Sochi to participate in Living Statues contest.

Russian Live Statues 1

Russian Live Statues 2

Russian Live Statues 3

Russian Live Statues 4

Russian Live Statues 5

Russian Live Statues 6

Russian Live Statues 7

Russian Live Statues 8

Russian Live Statues 9

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Russian Live Statues 11

Russian Live Statues 12

Russian Live Statues 13

Russian Live Statues 14

Russian Live Statues 15

Russian Live Statues 16

Russian Live Statues 17

Russian Live Statues 18

Russian Live Statues 19

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Russian Live Statues 21

Russian Live Statues 22

Russian Live Statues 23

Russian Live Statues 24

Russian Live Statues 25

Russian Live Statues 26

Russian Live Statues 27

Russian Live Statues 28

Russian Live Statues 29

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Russian Live Statues 31

Russian Live Statues 32

Russian Live Statues 33

Russian Live Statues 34

Russian Live Statues 35

Russian Live Statues 36

Russian Live Statues 37

Russian Live Statues 38

Russian Live Statues 39

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Russian Live Statues 41

Russian Live Statues 42

Russian Live Statues 43

Russian Live Statues 44

Russian Live Statues 45

Russian Live Statues 46

Russian Live Statues 47

Russian Live Statues 48

Russian Live Statues 49

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Russian Live Statues 51

Russian Live Statues 52

Russian Live Statues 53

Russian Live Statues 54

Russian Live Statues 55

Russian Live Statues 56

Russian Live Statues 57

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59 responses to “Russian Living Statues Contest”

  1. Ole says:

    The colour is the key.

    • liberal says:

      Your statement is racist according to scot.

      Repeat after me,

      Everyone is equal
      There is no such thing as color
      Race is a social construct
      Obama is the second Christ

      • Nine GERMANY says:

        >>Race is a social construct

        same for gender, don’t forget that

        • Ole says:

          Oxford English Dictionary:
          gender (n.) Grammatical classification of objects roughly corresponding to the two sexes and sexlessness (Masculine, Feminine, and Neuter).

          It is a gramatical construct. The word for describing people is “sex”. I know many young people nowadays use the word gender instead but that is just lack of eduction although it is certainly humerous.

          Apart from that, I agree with you. 🙂

      • so_what says:

        You took it the wrong way. Ole meant the paint you freshman whistleblower. The color of the skin isn’t even observable.
        But your right – keep your eyes open ! 😉


      • scot says:


    • yeah the paint colour is key.

      • Nad iz ukraina says:

        Erm,are u being funny or what miss india?
        i think russia fares better off in economy compared to,ermmm ur country for example? hehe no offense,but this kind of thing is considered art here. And ps: u can see this living statues all over europe,i’ve seen some in barcelona and even in wien(vienna)

    • Miss India says:

      OMG russians are so poor they can’t even afford to make their statues out of metal and stone like the rest of the world. they have to make them out of living people!!! sad really. 🙁

  2. Nine GERMNAY says:

    Those are terrible. I’ve seen way better in Berlin

    • scot says:

      Some of them are quite good – and you know it! Change the record, please.

      It is, indeed, all down to how well they do patina and colour. It must take ages to do – but surely the money can’t be all that good?

    • Boris Abramov says:

      …no contest with Barcelona, but nice nevertheless.

    • so_what says:

      Wenn Du schon so arrogant daherkommen musst, dann lass wenigstens unseren falsch geschriebenen Ländernamen weg. Du machst uns ja sonst Schande!

      • Nine GERMANY says:

        OMG that’s just a typo. There, I’ve fixed it, better?
        Also, write in english, otherwise it looks like you are afraid that everyone will know what you said (just like russians often do when they cuss other users of this site in russian)

        • scot says:

          She’s even spelt her own name Nina incorrectly….

          • Nine GERMANY says:

            >In which case, Catherine, why do you sometimes post as “Nina Germany”? I doubt you’ll answer that one.

            First- not all post signed by my nick were written by me- maybe some impostor got it wrong. Second- I’ve posted once or twice from my friends laptop, which has some kind of spell checker thingy, maybe that changed my name. Or maybe that was a typo. Who cares? If you put so much emphasis on wheter I’ve mispelled something or not, then you obviously have no other good arguments.

            >>Furthermore, I think you’ll find that I said that current events in the banking system were not capitalism. And that those PARTICULAR EVENTS had more to do with socialism than capitalism… perhaps a bit too subtle for you?

            LOL, either you’re a liar or you don’t even remember what you said:

            So USA is now a socialist country?

            >>>Yes,it is!<<>>Don’t you watch the news you dingaling!!<<<

            Also, you stated that “capitalism fell”, meaning capitalism as a system.

            But please go on, continue making a fool of yourself.

        • Nad iz ukraina says:

          true true
          just like the japanese …
          and why must the follow the rule of the world,they have their own language and handwriting

    • Nine GERMANY says:

      Really my immaturity is boundless. I guess it’s because i’m over weight and live in sad America trailer park. 🙁

  3. lol says:

    Notice the statue holding the baby is flipping off the cameraman for trying to take an upskirt photo.

  4. Harry says:

    who won?

  5. another russian says:

    My vote is for number 6 (after brief text), silver lady.

  6. amerikanyetz says:

    No topless statues?


  7. Maddcowe says:

    Number 23/24 is the winner, hands down. The woman in number 49 does not seem too receptive to the upskirt photo op. Too bad.

  8. Necromas says:

    I like the first blue girl the best.

  9. ballsack says:

    Very nice!

    Imagine walking into an abandoned cathedral with all these statues in there, and after having a look around they all start to move and come at you like zombies.


    Anyway, they should judge the winner by whichever one can remain in character while they are banged in the ass.

    Some of these statues are grope worthy.

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  13. Ole says:

    You have a way with words and away with the definite article! 🙂

  14. pn says:

    this is awesome!

  15. lol says:

    antifa = ghay

  16. goobernutz says:

    I wonder if they make enough money to pay for the paint cancer treatments.

  17. staticman says:

    After 22 years presenting my living statues and puting seeds of that kind of performance around the world, I stay very happy with that new living statues festival in Russia, good luck people.

    The staticman

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  20. So funny says:

    LOL!! The woman holding the doll is middle fingering the camera man for trying to take obsene pictures XD

  21. true true
    just like the japanese …

  22. […] good ones look #[email protected]!ing AMAZING. Check out this Russian Living Statue Festival if you want to see some of them. Most do it as a hobby, while working a regular job. The ones that […]

  23. majeed says:

    cool and funny good job

  24. majeed gulfnews1757 says:

    wonderfull..!!amazing.!!nice and excellent job,great contest.

  25. TheinWin says:

    so amazing nice to see ,be happy

  26. joneame.net says:

    Fotos de mimos. ("estatuas vivientes" para quien piense otra mierda)…

    fotos fotos fotos fotos y más fotos……

  27. carpier says:

    Great post. Beautiful photos.

  28. Shannon says:

    This article is pretty creepy (for me) but this article is also interesting. Good color combination. Great poses. Nice post!

  29. Pawer Hernandez says:

    Gentlemen, living statues contest, I would like to join you for and been to several festivals in the world as a human statue, I live in Barcelona Spain any information to my mail ([email protected]) thanks for your attention.

  30. Cláudia Candeias says:

    Please i try to find the contact of the Russian living statues festival tru the internet but i can not find it. Is possible you give me the contact of the organization, im a professional living Statue and i would like to participate in it

  31. sharon says:

    I would like to know if the living statues festival is happening in 2012 and to get a contact of the organization.

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