Russian word on Obama's hand
174 Obama’s Palm

Obama’s Palm

Yesterday after the Obama's meeting in London with other politicians, Russian bloggers has concluded that newly elected American president has a Russian curse word on his right palm. This idea became viral in
hours and the second image appeared, which explains how to look correctly on Obama's palm in order to see the word. The meaning of this word I guess, would be explained in comments bit later.
Moscow sinkhole gets more cars in Russia
15 Sink More Cars

Sink More Cars

We've mentioned already that there is a theory that Moscow city in Russia is at the top of the ancient volcano. Almost every week new sinkholes appear. This time again sink hole machine
has opened it's mouth and gulped three cars and a truck. First, it got a truck and then started growing to the nearest parking lot and started getting the cars from it.
31 No Stroller in My Lobby

No Stroller in My Lobby

This story was discussed yesterday on Russian blogs. Lobbies in many Russian houses are very small, which comes from Soviet times, during that era Russian authorities thought that people don't need any luxury or excess comfort so the lobby in the typical Soviet house of 70s was so to say not big. Also during 1960-70s a lot of "temporary" 5 stored houses were built. At that times there was a belief that Russian people just a few steps away from the total Communism and full abundance, and so that to commit those few steps state built houses just for a while, for a few years, that were planned to be replaced after the Communism would come into play to the big nice houses. Years passed, Soviet Union collapsed, state became capitalistic and all seemed to forget about the real purpose of those residential structures - almost all of these houses are still intact and inhabited and people even don't mind living there. So in one of such houses there lived a young mother leaving her stroller down. The neighbors were against, though were not saying this into her face, rather making some things when she was not looking, like, as she was saying: "First
they became putting different crap in my stroller: cigarette butts, water, other garbage. We cleared it up, and put an announcement asking neighbors to send all their questions directly to us and leave the stroller. The neighbors got quit for a while, but then they started another action: they became throwing the stroller downstairs, so we had to tie it to the wall. Then the neighbors decided to tie the stroller too with their own lock. We had to break their lock with applier. Then they spoiled our lock. So we decided to check who is that neighbor doing all this. Put the webcam, connected it to the PC to record the movement, put the stroller back down there and started watching. Of course, we have missed everything, but then checked the records and here are they..." Then Russian readers of lady blog got divided in two parts. First expressed sympathy to the young mother and were cursing her neighbors, others on contrary started threads about how bad was she causing the neighbors discomfort with that baby stroller. We have only the video to see.
Russian people eating raw meat
77 The Raw Deer

The Raw Deer

People of Russian North know that eating food raw, as it is, or better to say as it was in nature, can be very beneficial to your health. The only problem that the only food during long polar nights available in raw state in these lands is meat and blood - the flesh of the freshly killed deers they breed. So, they eat it as it is - raw and uncooked. People say, that this is the only
source of vitamins, especially vitamin C for them, and due to this habit they maintain to survive in severe Northern climates for hundreds of years. Children participate in such bloody lunches since the early age and perceive the taste of raw flesh and blood in no other words as "Tasty! Delicious! Awesome!" or even "The best thing to eat in whole life".
Russian happy ticket cookie
22 Happy Ticket Cookies

Happy Ticket Cookies

In Russia there is a belief that if you get a ticket while on public transportation or just in movies, and the sum of the first half of the digits of the ticket number match to the sum of the second half, then you are holding a happy ticket, which, if to be eaten promptly, can bring luck to your life. During Soviet times, it was a must to check the ticket when you are in bus and to calculate in mind automatically if it's good to be considered magical or not, if yes - then to put it in the mouth in one sneaky move so that nobody around could see you doing this, then chew thoroughly and swallow. Thousands of people did this, not just little kids,
though the kids were probably the champions by the amount of eaten tickets. Probably in order to refresh this tradition, Russian Department of Transport has ordered cookies from Russian designers at that were made in a form of a Russian bus ticket, they have numbers on them too, and all the numbers are "lucky". It has many chances to become popular among people giving them sweet nostalgie feeling about their youth times when they were checking each and every ticket in hope of getting one lucky piece, and to tell their children or grand-children about this during the evening tea.
Russian Mountains near Murmans, Hibini Mountains
20 Hibini Mountains

Hibini Mountains

We have mentioned some time ago the abandoned cities of Kola Peninsula, left by people and Russian army, now standing alone with only severe Northern winds inhabiting them. This place is also on Kola Cape, but they got
better fate. One of the reasons for this is because of the Hibini mountains, which got this region a travel twist. Now around some abandoned Soviet structures one can use the ski lifts and skiing trace.
Russians throwing shoes in Bush photo
82 I Won’t Miss

I Won’t Miss

Tens of Russian young men and women have gathered in Moscow to participate in strange action. They have all got there to... throw their shoes in the
photo of George Bush and some other people, that were drawn on the basketball stand. The slogan of the action was "I won't miss!".
April day Lenin blown up prank
69 April Lenin Prank

April Lenin Prank

Today is April the First, the April's Fool day, many people are busy doing jokes and pranks on their coleagues and friends. In Russia this tradition is also recognized and many do funny and sometimes not-so-funny stuff. Probably, the most loud prank that hit today's Russia was a prank made by the group of youngsters of St.Petersburg. They have found somewhere explosives, equaled to 300g TNT, and put it inside the iron steel Lenin monument
standing on the city square across the railway station. Then at four o'clock in the morning they blew up the explosives so starting early morning of April, 1st 2009 all coming to St.Petersburg railway station or leaving thru it have seen a new look of Lenin monument, with a hole "in the back" as it was called by Russian media, but if to be honest that's not back, but some body part that is lower than the back.
Odessa shuttle bus
24 Odessa Shuttle Bus

Odessa Shuttle Bus

If you had flight to Odessa, you could be met in the weirdest airport shuttle bus I've seen. Actually, it's not even a bus but a part of bus
towed by a Russian "ZIL" truck. And also it has an ad at the backside, this ad reads "Ceremonial services. Call agent to your home".
Russian police girls at Police beauty contest, photo by Goldenshtein Y.
17 Russian Police and Human Feelings [updated]

Russian Police and Human Feelings [updated]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="700" caption=""Russian police girls at Police beauty contest" photo by Goldenshtein Y."][/caption] A collection
of photos that have one thing in commong - Russian policeman (or sometimes police lady) and some human emotion taking place at the same time.

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