Watermelon Russian bag
32 Russian Watermelon Bags

Russian Watermelon Bags

One Russian company sells such watermelon bags. People say that in current society there is a big demand for nature inspired stuff because people
suffer from Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD). Such bags especially look good in spring when people just hungry for freshness and vitamins.
Russian pillow fight
13 No Pillow – No Fight

No Pillow – No Fight

Some Russians solve their
problems with a pillow.
Russian pope comes to visit St. Petersburg
12 Russian Pope comes to Visit

Russian Pope comes to Visit

Russian Orthodox church, revived after its oppression by the Communist power back to life by the
successors of the Soviets now in big favor. Just a few shots of how Russian Pope comes with a visit.
20 Future Face of Gagarin

Future Face of Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin, first man in space, first Russian cosmonaut, you probably know him. People from Latvia know him too, they say that during the Soviet Times Russian authorities wanted to rename Latvian capital city Riga after Yuri Gagarin to Gagarin city, but they didn't for some reason. So they decided to commemorate the glory of the hero in bit different way. They have made a monument of Gagarin, but
not just a monument. Yuri tragically died in plane accident during the test flights he participated in while on his service in Russian army in his young age. Latvian monument builders decided to imagine what if he didn't die how he could like at his 70s and built such a monument which tends to look how Yuri Gagarin could look in his old ages. You can see it below:
Russian city after war
38 Story of one Photo

Story of one Photo

This shot was one of the most famous shots made by Russian photographers during World War 2. It was made in the ruins of Stalingrad city - the place where the most heavy city battles took place. Some historians say that after those battles near Staliningrad the Nazi invasion of Russia broke down.
The monument itself depicts Russian children dancing around a crocodile, looking so unreal with the traces of bullets on the sculptures and the burning ruins on the background. Later, after the war the monument was rebuilt, even earlier than surrounding buildings.
13 What Fits Mother Russia

What Fits Mother Russia

"What fits in Mother Russia" - a video
footage made by some foreighn TV network.
Russian Ekranoplanes at rest
26 “Ekranoplanes” on the Rest

“Ekranoplanes” on the Rest

We wrote about Russian "Ekranoplanes" here. Here is one of them caught on the rest, maybe that's his last stop so
on eternal rest. There is also a submarine on the last photo. Is it watching so nobody disturbed them?
details of Red Square, Moscow
30 Red Square in Detail

Red Square in Detail

Probably everyone has seen Red Square and the Kremlin, probably they are the main symbol of Russia if to say in representation terms or associations. Not everyone has seen those in big detail. The star above is one of the Red Stars that are on top of the Kremlin towers. Each Red Star of the Kremlin weighs more than a ton but can rotate as weathercock
wherever the wind blows. They are made from special "Ruby Glass" and have two layers of the glass making the stars looking red in any weather. The power consumption of each star is around 5 kWt. They have been damaged during the World War 2 and were refurbished later. Below there are some more close-ups of the Red Square ensemble.
Tallest Russian tower, Ostankino tower is being built
43 Building Tallest Tower

Building Tallest Tower

The Ostankino tower, built in Moscow in 1967, was built for four years and after it was completed became the word's tallest man made structure. Also it was the world's first building exceeding 500m tall. It stayed the tallest structure in the world for 9 years, and for 42 more years as the tallest
structure in Europe. Those are photos of how it was built. It weights more than 32 thousand tons. It has two "enemies" - the Sun and win. Due to wind its top can fluctuate for 10 meters (33 feet) and due to Sun heating it from one side it can also move to 2.2m (6.6 feet).
Russian legend cars racing on snow
8 Oldies Snow Race

Oldies Snow Race

In Russia they have legend racing cars
too, but they run them on snow and ice.

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