World's Biggest Submarine - Russian Submarine Typhoon
160 Worlds Biggest Submarine [with pics]

Worlds Biggest Submarine [with pics]

This is submarine "Typhoon" as it was called in NATO documents or "Shark" as it was called in Russia. It is considered to be the biggest submarine in the world, with over than 170 meters (515 feet) long and 23 meter (70 feet) wide. It can carry 20 ballistic nuclear
missiles and there were only six of those built. Only 3 left intact, but are staying now out of service with armament control blocks detached according to the agreement between USSR and USA signed by M. Gorbachev. Without those they are way too peaceful.
One morning in St. Petersburg, Russia
21 St. Petersburg Morning

St. Petersburg Morning

The photographer has spent one morning on the roofs of St.Petersburg to capture
its beauty lightened up by soft dawn light, then enhanced with HDR.
Russian trains in Russian cities in Russia
21 City Trains

City Trains

In some Russian and ex-Soviet cities there are places where
train rails are situated very close to some nice scenery.
14 No Spiders Allowed

No Spiders Allowed

Probably they have a sign "No Spiders Allowed"
so he had to leave his pet tied to the door...
Russian space key
21 Rocket Key

Rocket Key

What you see here is obviously key. What differs this particular one from some other key is that with a turn of this key the most powerful machine built by human genius in our modern times was awaken to life. This is the key from Russian space rockets, thousand
tons monsters carrying tons of cargo weight to the Russian space station "MIR" which is sunk in pacific now. Such keys were a real artefact amongst engineers participating in the launches and there was a long line of those who wanted to
Russian realism art
19 Russian Modern Realism

Russian Modern Realism

That's an example of contemporary new art trend
in Russia - Modern Russian Realism Art.
Russia from 1989 to 1993
37 1989-1993


That is Russia back from 1989 to 1993, the end of
Soviet Empire, the beginning of freedom.
Russian iphone nano concept
21 iPhone Nano from Russia

iPhone Nano from Russia

[caption id="attachment_2505" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Russian iphone nano concept"][/caption] People from all the world try to guess would Apple come up with its iPhone nano model - the smaller in
size iPhone alternative - or won't. One Russian designer says new iPhone could look like this, with the old fashioned dial which is operated like iPod dial but for dialing the numbers. via ru_designer
Watermelon car in Ukraine, Russia
33 The Watermelon Car

The Watermelon Car

Now after the watermelon bags meet
watermelon car from Ukraine.
Russian drawing of the movie
21 Paintbrush Movie

Paintbrush Movie

Russian bloggers had something to do lately. The task was simple - to open up MS Paint and draw down some
well-know scene from any popular movie. Hundreds of hand made paint movie scenes, how much can you name?

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