92 The Parade 2009

The Parade 2009

Posted on April 30, 2009 by

Russian parade in Moscow

Since the World War 2 was over there has been a tradition in Russia to conduct Russian Army Parades on the Red Square in Moscow. They have selected the best of the best soldiers from all the country to participate, the best armaments to show and it was rehearsed many times starting month or two before.

Then in 1990s, when economic situation was not too good in Russia, there was a number 50th parade at the Red Square, in 1995. After that parade there was officially announced that now, after 50 years has passed since the end of the war, this day would not be celebrated in such the grand manner. That meant no more mighty parades in future, no technics, just some soldiers marching.

Well, I can’t remember, why they changed their mind later, as far as I remember first year they kept the word and the parade was really minimalistic. But now the parades are triumphal again, here are some shots from the rehearsal of the upcoming event.

Russian parade in Moscow 1

Russian parade in Moscow 2

Russian parade in Moscow 3

Russian parade in Moscow 4

Russian parade in Moscow 5

Russian parade in Moscow 6

Russian parade in Moscow 7

Russian parade in Moscow 8

Russian parade in Moscow 9

Russian parade in Moscow 10


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92 Responses to “The Parade 2009”

  1. Mister Pakistan says:

    hahaha got me!!! ROFLCOPTER!!!

  2. ??? says:

    Jokes on you, I was here first.

  3. > Well, I can’t remember, why they changed their mind later

    Oh, you missed 8 years of Putins’ presidency and re-empire-sation of russian foreign policy? Must have been a good party ;-/

    • Chris says:

      “8 years of Putins’ presidency and re-empire-sation of russian foreign policy?”

      I see you’re from Poland so I understand why you would want Russia to bend over and take it up the behind from the west and east.

      A country with the longest borders in the world better have a proper military.

  4. ??? says:

    Present them.

  5. Meshca says:

    Eventually there will be too many trolls on this board and ???, Mr. Pakistan, Mrs India, and all the rest of the major trolls will move on to something else realizing they have completely wasted their time day after day trolling this (and prob many others) blog

    • Chris says:

      “Mr. Pakistan” is a copycat, UN-FUNNY troll.

      Miss India however, is a loveable fixture on this site. The problem is all the people who try to imitate.

  6. Miss India says:

    OMG russia is still trying to show off their obsolete 1980’s military equipment? They would appear to be nothing more than brutes with sharpened sticks in front of a modern western military. sad really. :(

    • Miss India says:

      OMG Russians are so poor they have to watch boring useless Military parade while we are busy with luxury Fashion parade such as Victoria’s Secrets fashion show :(

    • amerikanitz says:

      In America we only have Gay Parade.

    • Penguin says:

      Hey genius, most of this stuff was introduced in the 1990s and later.. (and India uses the same equipment)

    • Bland says:

      Most of that hardware is new…


    • Alexey says:

      Sorry, but there were no weapons built before 1997:)

  7. daniel thorkell says:

    so what !

  8. Ngern says:

    Putin is not a communist but the father of Communist!

  9. Ole says:

    This parade needs more baloons and clowns on unicycles.

  10. whatsthosetanks says:

    anyone know what type of tanks they are in photos 1_036.jpg 1_037.jpg ?

    • Steve says:

      If we are looking at the same thing, officially they aren’t actually tanks, they are self propelled anti-tank guns. Their designation is 2S25 and they are based on the same hull as the BMD, the airborne APC. This means that compared to a true tank they have bugger all armour, still a nice piece of kit though.

      • whatsthosetanks says:

        ta steve..
        thems the one.. sorta looked like a bmp / btr but never seen that big gun turret on one of them.. nice sloped glacis on the front turret too.

        sorta like a stryker with the 105 on it then..

  11. Gutrek says:

    Nice armory………….

  12. Aetius says:

    That is SO neat !! There is nothing like that in the US !! Long live and glory to Russia !

  13. Para bellum says:

    Это 152 мм САУ Мста

  14. scot says:

    It seems a bit out-dated.

    Very “I have a big cock!”

    Voters like it though, I would have thought.

    • Chris says:

      I would love to see such a parade in person. All the best equipment up close and personal.

      It might be outdated where you come from but keep in mind that Russia has the longest land border on the planet and has the most enemies, East, South and West. They also lost 20-30 million people in WWII (Stalin probably killed more) so you have to expect that the military will be glorified.

      Keep things like this in perspective.

      • scot says:

        I agree it would be good to see and I agree with armies as a deterrent.

        I think glorification of war is out-dated everywhere.

        To be fair, the generation that fought that war is almost gone and younger generation could probably do with a new attitude that makes wars less likely.

        I really don’t think there is much possibility of anyone invading Russia – It’s all propaganda!

        • Nine GERMNAY says:

          >> And I don’t mean to imply that Russia is not a Western country of course.

          it isn’t.

          • Chris says:

            Nina/Nine, your ignorance and hatred of Russians is blinding you.

            Was your father one of the invading Germans? Your attitude leads me to believe that.

            Perhaps we’re confused on term ‘western’.

            That Russia is part of ***Western*** civilization is not up for debate. They are physically on the outskirts but culturally they are western. Whether you like it or not.

            • Nine GERMNAY says:

              yes, I’m from Germany and don’t bend over backwards to praise ruskies- therefore obviously I MUST BE FROM A NAZI FAMILY, there’s no other explanation.

              >> They are physically on the outskirts but culturally they are western. Whether you like it or not.

              Lol, NO! Physically they may be on the outskirts of the “west”, but culturally and mentally THEY ARE NOT, and probably never will be. Whether you like it or not.

              • Chris says:

                Nina/Nine, how is Russia not part of the West culturally and “mentally”?

                Is Greece part of the West?

                Is Portugal part of the West?

                Is Finland part of the West?

                Is Poland part of the West?

                Is France part of the West?

                Is Germany part of the West?

                WHAT is the “West”?

                • Nine GERMANY says:

                  >>Nina/Nine, how is Russia not part of the West culturally and “mentally”?

                  Go to russia and find it out yourself. Have fun.

                  >>WHAT is the “West”?

                  if you don’t know that then maybe you shoudn’t speak about russia being a part of it?

                  • Chris says:


                    I didn’t say ***I*** did not know.

                    I DID imply ***YOU*** did not know.

                    Actually, I’ve been there a couple of times but short little visits are nothing.

                    I know or have known HUNDREDS of Russians and other from the Soyuz.

                    I am much better versed in Russian culture than you are.

                    Obviously there is a difference in culture stretching from the Atlantic to the Urals but Russia is still a definitely part of western civilization. You’re very ignorant if you deny that.

                    I basically adhere to general definition of western civilization as outlined in the wikipedia snippet below:
                    – a Graeco-Roman Classical and Renaissance cultural influence, concerning artistic, philosophic, literary, and legal themes and traditions, as well as a tradition of rationalism in various spheres of life, developed by Hellenistic philosophy, Scholasticism, Humanisms, the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment, and including, in political thought, widespread rational arguments in favour of freethought, human rights, equality and democratic values averse to despotism, irrationality and theocracy.

                    – a Biblical-Christian cultural influence in spiritual thinking, customs and either ethic or moral traditions, around Post-Classical Era.

                    – Central and Eastern European cultural influences concerning artistic, musical, folkloric, ethic and oral traditions, whose themes have been further developed by Romanticism.

                    No western country adhere to all the characteristics of course.

                    Anyways, PLEASE check out the video I linked to.

                    If you’re as serious about your concern for western culture as I am you will take that video seriously.

                    If you are a woman please don’t be like most Germans. Please get married, have a lot of unprotected sex and procreate and instill the value of western culture in your 9 children. THAT is the only way your beloved Germany (and the rest of us) will survive.

              • Chris says:

                Nina/Nine, on a much more serious note, consider the following video very carefully. Consider very carefully if you love the West. In Germany alone, while Muslims are 5% of the population, they are responsible for ***20%*** of the births. With the superior German education system (at least compared to Canada) I’m sure you have the skills to comprehend the meaning of those stats and what will happen to our beloved West in a couple of generations.

                Muslim Demographics



                Set aside the unfortunate history between Germany and Russia and don’t kick the Russians down because one day they might be the last bastion of western civilization. That’s if the Russians stop aborting themselves away like they are doing now.

                If you are as concerned about western civilization as I am please consider that video carefully.

                This is the future of Europe, which will be taken without a fight, or given up voluntarily as below:


                I hope you take this seriously.

      • Nine GERMANY says:

        >> Russia (…) has the most enemies, East, South and West.

        like who for example?

        • Chris says:

          (Since you don’t appear to write in the capacity of a troll I’ll reply.)

          >> Russia (…) has the most enemies, East, South and West.
          >like who for example?

          Probably not the Germans who got raped by the Russians in WWII.

          Admiteddly, I love both Germans and Russians, or the good things about them. I’ve lived in Germany and know many ruskis, or at least people from the Soyuz.

          • Nina GER says:

            yes, with help from Great Britain, France, USA, and so on. If it wasn’t for help, they would get their ass whopped. Still their casualties were twice times those of Germany, even though Germany fought on many fronts (western, in africa)

            • Laser Beam says:

              In WWII 70 – 75 % of all German military units were grinded at the eastern front. Britain and the US together took no more than 30%.
              Also, do not forget that German was not alone as well. The Soviet Union was attacked by German, Hungary, Italy, Finland, Romania and Bulgaria. In addition, industrial potential of Czechoslovakia, France and other occupied European countries was working hard, producing weapons for Nazi German.

        • Chris says:

          (looks like my reply didn’t go through)

          I’ll reply since you’re not posting in the capacity of a troll.

          One country that won’t be getting any ideas about Russia in the next generation or so is Germany, as Russia raped Germany in WWII.

          Though Germany and Russia allied, now that’s scary =)

          Don’t get me wrong, I love Germans and Russians (I’ve been accused of being a germanophile and russophile, and that’s true to an extent). I’ve lived in Germany (as a kid) and know maaaaaaaaany people from the Soyuz.

          Nina/Nine, isn’t it much more fulfilling to not be a troll?

  15. Nine GERMANY says:

    Wow, that’s some medicore equipment. Who are they trying to impress? Third world african countries?

  16. Nine GERMANY says:

    Also, why do they show of their (aging) equipment? It’s like guys with short dic*s like to show their cars to cover their inferiority complex

  17. Kirov says:

    Where are dancing girls? Parade is not complete without dancing girls. Also, Russia is not run by men like shown on pictures, but by the females. The Russian woman is the strong gender!!! They prosper and deserve the best ! A foreign man is what they get, if lucky.

  18. Mr. Pakistan says:

    I do not see you impressing us with smart ass comments.

  19. Mr. Pakistan says:

    What impressive have you done lately?

  20. 8-P says:

    Nice army, I wouldn’t like to see them fighting

  21. ironfist says:

    Not as exciting as the Soviet-era parades.

  22. hat says:

    Miss India is STILL here, trolling? Damn, that’s persistant. Kudos, even though you’ve gotten a bit dull over the years.

  23. [...] for a big parade celebrating the 55th year since the end of WWII. I lifted this shot from the English Russia [...]

  24. adsection77 says:

    who cares

  25. ??? says:

    so why are the streets hosed down before the parade starts?

  26. Dave69 says:

    West: USA, UK, Ukraine.
    South: Georgia.
    East: China, North Korea, Japan.

    • scot says:

      None of them will ever try to invade Russia

    • Nine GERMNAY says:

      you need to stop listening to propganda and start thinking for yourself. USA nor UK nor China won’t attack Russia, as this would inevitably lead to nuclear holocaust. Japan doesn’t even have nuclear weapons, after Hiroshima they won’t attack a country that have them. Half of Ukraine would rather join Russia than attack it, no way it’s gonna happen.

      Moscow alone has three times the population of Georgia, it’s not an enemy requiring to have huge army.

      The only couontry cray enough to really attack is North Korea- but why would they do that? Russia and China are the last influential countries somewhat friendly to NK.

      But I guess it’s easier to live with siege mentality, you can blame all the failures on “enemies” just plotting against you.

      • Mr UK says:

        Nine GERM

        Why is NATO holding Manoeuvres in Georgia this month? Why did Bush push for missile bases in Poland? All this unnecessary provocation is creating a siege mentality.

        • Nine GERMNAY says:

          because Georgia is a candidate for nato? Why does russian navy held manouvres with Venezuelan navy, when venezuela is openly hostile towards US?

          Missile shield in Poland wouldn’t be able to intercept Rusian missiles, both Russia and USA admitted so. It was meant to defend from missiles incoming from asia, from countries like Iran, which, btw, is beeing supported by Russia.

          • Mr UK says:

            NATO Manoeuvres in Georgia are nothing more than a provocation that will do nothing positive for future relations.

            The more yanks stir trouble the more Russia will make allies. That’s nature.

            The first thing Obarma did was pull the missile project in Poland; he knew it was a dirty american bush stunt.

            • Nine GERMNAY says:

              yep… I love Russia!

            • Nine GERMNAY says:

              russian Manoeuvres with Venezuela are nothing more than a provocation that will do nothing positive for future relations.

              The more ruskies stir trouble the less Russia will make allies. That’s nature.

    • too much vodka says:

      Who is RUssia’s enemy. Every neighbour. Why? Because they are hostile towards Russia?; No, most would like to have normal relationship with Russia. But why then are they all Russia’s enemies? Because Russia can’t see a neighbour in other terms than enemies or subjected countries.

  27. Mr UK says:

    The warmongers – NATO

  28. Red Scum says:

    Looks very peace loving.

  29. Nine GERMANY says:

    I love Russia!

  30. Jason says:

    North Korea is all talk.

    Kim has a temper tantrum when he wants something from the USA.Threats are made to destroy South Korea often.

  31. Para bellum says:

    Посмотрите на на эти зеленые фуражки, это лучшая парадная коробка во всем параде. Это люди верные своему долгу до конца!Слава МВПККУ КГБ им. Моссовета!!

  32. brbrbr says:

    no, its arborne IFV BMD-3M(4 have different appearance, armament and FCS) and arborne SPG(125 mm smothbore).

  33. Real CZenda, not the impostor says:

    Links Zwo Links Zwo Links Zwo Drei Vier Links, Links…
    The parade does not need any more clowns – there will be enough of them saluting from the mausoleum. The thing is that the clowns are those from the movie “It”.

  34. brbrbr says:

    Real CZenda, not the impostor – funny, but punishable(according to both Russian and US, laws).

    • Real CZenda, not the impostor says:

      Well, comrade, I have some news for you…
      Quoting Rammstein lyrics or calling Putler and his bootlickers “a bunch of evil clowns” is not a crime (outside Russia, of course).

  35. aleke says:

    they show off their militaries because they can still fight. that’s why china does it too. compare to europe’s decrepit armies and america’s plummeting military projection

  36. Jake03446 says:

    Nice to see they got those old Zils out of mothballs for this. Haven’t seen those since the 1980’s.

  37. Andi Stancu says:

    What a huge Samsung Ad.

  38. too much vodka says:

    Nice place to have a military parade, but nothing beats the Champs Elysées in Paris – especially when the soldiers are wearing Stahlhelm and jackboots and are carrying a flag with a funny cross on it.

  39. Miss Estonia says:

    OMG Indians are too dumb to make their own weapons, so they have to buy them from Russia.

  40. alex_rus says:

    It’s not a parade, it’s just a training of it. The real parade will be on 9th of May and i don’t know do your TV-channels view it, but u can watch it in real-time on russians channels.

  41. mdmadph says:

    What’s the big eight-wheeled vehicle in picture #29? Looks just like an American Stryker (which was based on a Canadian vehicle).

  42. alexander says:

    Because, she never seen felt in her life, and it upsets her so so much)))

  43. Gurtek says:

    miss india stop polluting india’s name(you are not either from india)…………..

  44. Srba Popovic says:

    Нека Бог чува братску русију и њену велику армију. Поздрави из Србије од људи који воле Мајку Русију.

  45. Andrasone-HUN says:


  46. Is there a abstract of what’s different between the Intercept at Android 2.1 and the Moment at Android 2.1? The hardware looks to be a lot the same, though the slider keyboards are different. As a Second owner, the Intercept leaves me dissapointed with Samsung as the Intercept appears to have a Android upgrade path whereas the just about identical Second does not (left behind at 2.1).

  47. buy jeans says:

    india likes this parade )))

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