16 Travel Russia Cars

Travel Russia Cars

Posted on April 28, 2009 by

Travel Russia Cars

When someone goes travel to Russia he needs to be well equiped. I am not talking about the big cities like Moscow or St. Petersburg or some other urbanized areas of the country, no when he goes to Real Russia, he needs Real Russian Camping Cars.

We have here today the most suitable recreation vehicles that Russian people use so that to make their weekend camping nice and easy.

Travel Russia Cars 2

Travel Russia Cars 3

Travel Russia Cars 4

Travel Russia Cars 5

Travel Russia Cars 6

Travel Russia Cars 7

Travel Russia Cars 8

Travel Russia Cars 9

Travel Russia Cars 10

Travel Russia Cars 11


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16 Responses to “Travel Russia Cars”

  1. Mister Pakistan says:

    FIRST!!!!!!!!!! ROFLCOPTER!

  2. amerikanyetz says:

    What is the Russian term for “redneck”?

    • Kirov says:

      Americans :D

      • amerikanyetz says:

        Well, yes. USA is the home of rednecks, and I am one. I didn’t make it clear that I was not looking for a word that would be an insult. Sorry. Being a redneck isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Being unsophisticated isn’t always bad. Unless you’re a gypsy of course.

        I just wondered what the word was and how it translates.

  3. Aaron says:

    Love the Camping Photos …Awesome Truck’s would love to have one of those when I go Camping… Thank you.

  4. santa says:

    What is doing Karosa in Russia?:D

  5. sam says:

    thats what i was hoping for!
    does anyone know who runs the company where you can rent one?

  6. Ngern says:

    luxury in russian style!

  7. amerikanyetz says:

    бедло ??


    (Я пытаюсь научиться)

  8. haddin23451 says:

    Hiring cars on rental basis will be some times good but some times not. It is good as we can change cars according to the models available in the market. It will be Bad when some thing goes wrong to that car. It may due to our driving fault or some thing else. we must bare the risk occurred to that car. For more alerts on hiring cars please visit.


  9. Baton says:

    это хорошие люди туристы которые проезжают много километров по фантастическим местам (дороги там плохие).
    а тут о чем у вас речь?

  10. Jimmy says:

    That tank-thing would be pretty badass. Cops hassle you? Just crush them and escape over the river.

  11. Mr Sputnik says:

    Please help to identify the truck types as i am interested in a journey across asia next year. Maz?

  12. Lilthery says:

    wow these gaz 66 and gaz 3307 sadkos are cool camping trucks… hope I could get one down here in the Philippines..

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