22 Russian Boyle Competitors

Russian Boyle Competitors

Posted on April 27, 2009 by

While the rest of the world talks about Susan Boyle in Russia they have their own talents from Ukraine. Here are three of the most popular ones.

The first guy from the video above… well he is not a guy if to be honest, it’s a Russian girl, her name is Alice. She got rejected fast but it was ok for her. Listen now.

The second girl is real Russian girl and noway a guy. Nevertheless she got rejected too, but she argued with this decision. She was a big fun for Russians too.

And now a real guy, not gal. He is a cop, from Ukraine, he is the only one who spoke Ukranian but not Russian, also there was only a one guy from judges who could spoke Ukrainian – others spoke Russian. And you say Ukrane.

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22 Responses to “Russian Boyle Competitors”

  1. bungholio says:

    first booyah!

  2. Mr. Pakistan says:

    Do not ‘do it’ with mother Russia, or else the ‘hohland’ people will come to your cities.

  3. Zipp says:

    Pay your gas bill and be quiet.

  4. Harm - Beijing says:

    I’m not sure i understand… The poster writes in many of the posts about russians, russian ladies (or that Kiev mayor is russian hero) , but it then actually is in Ukraine. I thought Ukraine was a separate country?

    What’s up with this?

    • Thera says:

      Ukraine is a separated country, yes, but most of the population still speaks only russian, however the number of ukrainian speakers is increasing over the years due to a rise of nationalist pride among the younger population.

      • Uncle Sam says:

        Aren’t russian and ukranian very similar languages? Similar enough to understand each other? Like italian and spanish for example…

        • Dimon says:

          Well … having ukrainian and russian as mother languages I can say that ukrainians can easily deal with both, which is not the same for russians. But for sure these languages have many in common since belong to the same slavic language group.

      • Harm @ Beijing says:

        @ Thera: u rule… nice answer! Any idea how this is with other former sovjet republics? Maybe same like here in China?

  5. Dalek says:

    On the 3rd video, what is the LAST song called? Thank you.

  6. That was unfair to 2nd girl. I would have put 3 lead bullets into jury’s heads.

  7. Juan says:

    They are so poor, makes me feel sad

  8. Boris Abramov says:

    Amazing, Igor, Amazing…

  9. Man says:

    Not Russian, all Ukrains 100% feel the differents? different language, different flags, different country.

  10. Kaden Hayes says:

    Susan Boyle may not be a very good looking woman but she has an angelic voice. `

  11. Susan Boyle may not be a very good looking woman but she has an angelic voice. -

  12. i just thought that susan boyle has one of the best sounding voice ever-.`

  13. susan boyle can easily hit the high notes with ease, i like her::~

  14. Susan Boyle have crystal clear voice that i really really like,-~

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