15 And Another One

And Another One

Posted on April 27, 2009 by

Russian ferrari crash

So it is a fourth in a row in this month. Though it’s a Ferrari, not Lambo now.

Russian ferrari crash 2

Russian ferrari crash 3


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15 Responses to “And Another One”

  1. lithuania is Number 1 says:


    • Kirov says:

      Again!! Nothing is wrong in fact. Just add New tires and start driving. Nothing will set you apart from average Russian cars

  2. Ole says:

    How many are left?

  3. russoturisto says:

    you’re just jealous because you cannot afford one to drive, or crash…

  4. w says:

    It tried to bumsex a kamaz

  5. Gerry says:

    One crashed/burnt/broken down car is 10 more meters of free road ahead of me!

  6. Mr UK. says:

    Be quiet, just because you still trot round on donkeys.

  7. Mr. Pakistan says:

    Do not ‘do it’ with mother Russia, or else the expansive Ferrari will crush in your face.

  8. Jason says:

    This week it is a Ferrari!

    What will next weeks wreck be?

  9. aca says:

    how the hell did that happen??! it’s so destroyed

  10. authorized1 says:

    Unfortunately the driver survived, and wasn’t even injured!

  11. Mathieu says:

    Drunk russians don t know how to drive a car

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