30 Don’t Park Your Car Here

Don’t Park Your Car Here

Posted on April 19, 2009 by

Russian toyota burned down

People from neighborhood say that the owner of this what was else was Toyota Land Cruiser was punished for parking on the sidewalk everytime he arrived, leaving no space for pedestrians to pass by without a risk of getting some dirt on their cloths by the close contact with the car.

Russian toyota burned down 1

Russian toyota burned down 2

Russian toyota burned down 3

Russian toyota burned down 4

Russian toyota burned down 5

Russian toyota burned down 6

Russian toyota burned down 7

Russian toyota burned down 8

Russian toyota burned down 9


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30 Responses to “Don’t Park Your Car Here”

  1. Overlord says:

    Justice served I guess…harsh but I’m sure what was comming for the arrogant fool.

  2. Hartsa says:

    Envy, The Worst sickness ever!

    • chewbie says:

      the fact that the sidewalk is infested of cars parked on it and no other cars were “hurt” but the SUV leads me to believe that it was more an act of envy.

      It’s quite the disease in Romania/Moldova/Ukraine/Bulgaria/Russia – they struggle to find a reason to destroy your property and do it.

      In Romania there’s a saying: “the neighbor’s goat should die as well” and I’ve seen neighbour – envy first hand and can tell you that some poor people are very evil

      • Hutcheson says:

        True, the old guys in communist countries usually have such syndrome, some people in Vietnam and China got such problems as well

  3. nikolai mastioukov says:

    tak i nado suke ebanomu

  4. zip says:

    I don’t feel any sympathy..

  5. erin says:

    people seem to take care of car offenses exactly right ‘over there’. i cant tell you how many cars id like to set fire to in a day!

  6. erki says:

    It’s not in Russia, though. Those are not Russian plates on the cars.

  7. blandal says:

    co za debil to zrobil… glupi ci ruscy…
    pozdro 4 all

  8. true says:

    the plates are ukrainian

  9. Drunken says:

    вин ящитаю

  10. Shizo says:

    Judging by the photos, everyone parks their cars on the sidewalk there. I doubt that it was an act of “revenge”, and if it was – this is exactly the reason why Russians/Ukrainians have a bad reputation abroad. As someone said, in a civilized country this conflict would easily have been solved by calling the city guards or police.

    • valera says:

      In a civilized country the driver of the car would have been fined a million times already for parking like this. In Ukraine he wasn’t fined, and I’m not sure the cops would do anything if someone complained about him parking like that, considering how many people do it (you can see another car parked the same way in one of the pictures). This leaves people with the option to enforce their own justice.

      I’m not saying that this is how it should be done, but there isn’t much else people there can do at this point.

  11. Inconsistent tags – “russian cars”, “russian roads” and “UKRAINE” :))))

    About photos – principle “Live and let live” was come to life :)

  12. Laurente says:

    Good job. Sooner or later, rudeness can’t go unrewarded.

  13. Real CZenda, not the impostor says:

    Looks like mob revenge.

  14. Jason says:

    In many old cities the streets are narrow so it is necessary to park on the side walk.

    Young punks with nothing to do could have done this!

  15. Lenin says:

    Did anybody noticed a Bible(Hoviy Zavet)on rear seat?

  16. scot says:

    I’m sure your children will enjoy living in the polluted, flooded, stinking world that you are helping to create.

  17. brbrbr says:

    yep. its time to read holy bible by car owner. finally.

    due to humilating low panalties for such abuse – most people in CIS, part their cars in pedestrian areas.
    most time – unpunished by people or road police.

  18. Pacific NW says:

    Great work, one less SUV.

  19. AndreasEsse says:

    Like things there are so much different. Same cheap people, same lowlifes

  20. RUSS says:

    I think it is not true. I mean car was burned by another reason

  21. DERP says:

    Cars down the street are parked in the same manner, and the fire clearly started under the hood. Engine fire – simple as that.

    • ss says:

      How do you know the car on the other side of the house is blocking the whole sidewalk, you can’t see the whole sidewalk can you.

  22. ss says:

    Right on! good work whoever did that.

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