160 Worlds Biggest Submarine [with pics]

Worlds Biggest Submarine [with pics]

World's Biggest Submarine - Russian Submarine Typhoon 2

Those Typhoon class boats are the biggest in the world and you can feel that!


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160 Responses to “Worlds Biggest Submarine [with pics]”

    • Miss India says:

      OMG why are russian military machines and weapons rusting all the time? This must be the reason why Kursk was sunk to the cold waters of mumansk sea :(

      • miss indonesia says:

        你是个傻逼,miss india

      • DigressHipHop says:

        I just bought a Mosin Nagant, made in 1942, there’s no rust on it at all. Why is Indian freedom covered in so much rust all the time?

      • Exigeant says:

        Miss India – even in that condition, i think that sub looks much better than you. Otherwise you wouldn`t spend so much time here expressing your frustration :D

      • Missile Technician says:

        You must not know much about submarines. The free flood area of a submarine also known as the super structure is an area that while the sub is submerged is always underwater.

        Most subs have a fair amount of rust in the super structure. As a crew member on American submarines I have spent many days in unbearable conditions chipping, grinding, and painting that stuff.

        Rust is just part of life in any Navy.

      • bunny says:

        jeez why so much hatred buddy

      • Atwas911 says:

        The Kursk went to her grave from a torpedo not rust.

        • Rob says:

          That’s not entirely correct. The Kursk went down because the Hydrogen Peroxide used to propel the torpedo came in contact with rust in the tubes. So actually the Kursk did sink due to rust

          • Atwas911 says:

            Yes.. That is the official story..

            But logically.. When the torpedo room exploded with the force of 300 tons of tnt and blew the front and belly off her.. How do you suppoe they were able to see that one just happened to be leaking?

            Thats the PR story.. The kursk took an american torpedo into her belly..

            • Atwas911 says:

              Then.. Right after that.. for some unknown reason.. The United States forgave ALL of Russia’s debit and cut them a check for 10 Billion dollars.

              People will never know how close they came to nuclear war that day.

      • John says:

        Well if its built during the 1980’s what do you expect. Its very old and they are going to take them apart and replace them. they are just too old now.

    • kenny says:

      Wow! I’m from Kenya and this is the most incredible thing I have ever seen! I’m so interested, I’m looking up everything about submarines on the internet.

      I can’t imagine being a Submariner. If I were younger and the opportunity came to me, I would do it. I don’t know why. I feel pulled. How do you live with people so close for so long with nowhere to go except the submarine?

      Wow. How do you die in a submarine?

      By the way…what is the temperature like in a working submarine? Is is cold? Wet?

      • Victor says:

        Subs have a lot of sensitive electronics on board, so they carefully control the humidity inside. Of course, leaks can happen, and one little drop of water will freak out a submariner.
        The US Navy takes great efforts to train submariners how to stop leaks. There is a hillarious exercise where they lock ten people in a chamber and release about a ton/minute of water through leaky pipes. This is ice cold seawater. It is very loud, and very uncomfortable for the sailors, who shout out the finest cursing they can. But they get the leaks plugged.
        An old room mate told me that the worst part of being a “bubblehead” was when the boat sat on the surface… rocking and rocking… with no windows… barf!!
        If a sub goes to deep the hull collapses. It’s said that the air inside the crushing hull reaches a point where it detonates.
        I’d rather die that way than like the Kursk… sitting in the dark, getting colder and colder…
        Note that subs have charcoal air filters that they keep pumping the air through, to scrub the Carbon Monoxide.

  1. too much vodka says:

    What is the point of having sand bags on the deck of a submarine? I like the ferocious guard on the first picture, though…

  2. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

    I have not signed arms control agreements concerning submarines, so I would like to purchase these from Russia and put them back to work patrolling the seas, especially the PERSIAN Gulf, and ensuring peace.

    I know this masterpiece of Russian engineering uses advanced technology, so I have intensive training planned for the crews. For example, in order to be aware of the tactics and tricks of the Americans, each crew member gets a copy of the book and movie “Hunt for Red October.” If it works, I plan to make Tom Clancy an honorary Persian and honorary admiral in my navy. Won’t he be excited? He will probably renounce his US citizenship.

    Wishing you always able to keep your periscope up,
    M. Ahmadinejad
    Naval strategist

    • angella Ahmadinejad says:

      And were have you been?

      I have been worried sick about you?

      what of our wedding?

      • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

        Dearest Angella,

        Thank you for worrying about me. I don’t believe anyone has ever cared for me this way, at least not since Miriam, but that was many years–indeed, a lifetime–ago. I am touched.

        However, fate and Allah placed a heavy burden upon my shoulders – that of world leader and fighter for justice and the militant Muslim way of life. It’s not easy, and not just any old jihadi can do it. It keeps me very busy, especially when you consider all the things I invent, all the places I go, and all the services I offer.

        For example, recently I traveled to North Korea to observe and celebrate the successful launch of Kim Jung Il’s rocket. But, believe me, I was thinking of you all the time, so much so that my own missile stood tall on its launching pad, ready to launch.

        Until two days ago I was in Somalia encouraging my Islamic brothers to keep raising money for jihad by hijacking ships in the Indian Ocean and holding them for millions of dollars in ransom. Unfortunately, the Americans arrived and caused some problems, as they do all the time.

        Still, even in the midst of watching millions of dollars slip away on the waves of the high seas, I imagined the two of us alone on a raft, rising and falling with the swell of the ocean, toasting our happiness with champagne, eating cheese, and relaxing with the assurance that there were no US Navy SEALs around with their big rifles. What a romantic moment!

        So, my dear, although I long to be with you, to visit your lovely home and plow your field and plant my seed, and to live under the safety of an Australian passport, I must ask your forbearance a little longer. The world needs me.

        Wishing you comfort in my absence,
        M. Ahmadinejad
        Unable to avoid my date with destiny

        • angella Ahmadinejad says:

          I am so disappointed to hear that you went to north Korea and did not bother to inform me. Now Mahmond I have tried to be patient as I accept you are not an ordinary mortal but rather one ordained by god, and therefore destined for greatness.

          But if you had been listening to me you would realise that I have been looking for an exotic pair of ‘foo dogs’ for some time now, for the south east Asian side for our ‘Hanging garden of Persian’, as well as a Chinese pagoda.

          I cannot believe your thoughtlessness in dealing with my requests. Do I ask you for diamonds? no, Pearls? no, All I want is some ‘foo dogs’

          To make matters worse you encourage Somalia pirates increasing the freight costs on my ‘foo dogs’.

          I think it may be time that I take back my Australian passport.


  3. Amerikanyetz says:


  4. Attila says:

    But, where are the pictures???

  5. urbis says:

    Yup, pics r gone. We too wanna see sub!

  6. Adan says:

    Бррр…. Бидон.

  7. Miss India says:

    OMG why are russian military machines and weapons rusting all the time? This must be the reason why Kursk was sunk :(

  8. Johnny says:

    Ах, большая подлодка!
    Ах, милая кошка!

    That swimming pool is great! I love it!

  9. Gena says:

    This is great! Always wanted to see how these things look like.

    • too much vodka says:

      You can visit one at Zeebrugge, Belgium, where an old Russian submarine functions as a tourist attraction.

  10. Shooroop says:

    One more powerful weapon of our military.

  11. vadikgg says:

    Sorry -it’s not ‘Arkhangesk’. It is decomissioned TK-12 and TK-13.

  12. Pacific NW says:

    That kitty looks like it could mess you up.

  13. adolfocamara says:

    This is an impressive set of pictures for submarine enthusiasts like me.

    Wow, a swimming pool, a gym, a machine shop, and even a submarine arcade game!

    Does anybody knows if the room in the sail tower with the little windows gets inundated when it dives?

  14. Jason says:

    This page is almost as interesting as a screen door on a submarine…!!

  15. Wirecase says:

    I guess you can buy one of these two rustbuckets for a few Euro’s… They will strip all the weaponsystems and the reactor tho….

    It’s a shame to see these once glorious machines die…

  16. rebelskiy says:

    a brilliant piece of disinformation for the yank intel personnel. now they think that russia’s sub-fleet consists of rust-buckets whereas they are totally up-to-date icbm carrying killer-subs, just like the kursk.
    remember? putin was having a holiday and didn’t want to come back to even attempt to rescue the sailors.

  17. rebelskiy says:

    so kirov, what facts are you suggesting i should be aware of?
    and please take care of your spelling will you?

  18. NASA says:

    Why cant such machines bee used for science?

  19. Thats not rust, typhoon class submarines are made entirely out of brass, what you see as “rust” is actually a layer of oxidation that is allowed to build up to protect the metal. These subs are made entirely out of brass, even the light bulbs, so a stray spark wont set off the nukes. Let me tell you, a deck monkey tossed a spare cigarette butt on my typhoon class submarine, down the wrong bunghole and it set off all my nukes, one after the other. Man I dont mind telling you it took weeks to clean that up!

    • Pattercake says:

      Johnny… you have no idea what your are talking about! The Soviets (Russsia today) never made a submarine out of Brass…. but they did make advances from HST (steel) to stronger and lighter Titanium…. able to withstand 1500 feet and deeper depths. Brass is reserved for ship’s bells and clocks.
      Take it from me- I sailed in our own Fleet Ballistic missile subs…(which are -by the way, some 560 feet long, compared to the featured Russian Typhoon sub… We carry 24 ballistic missiles, compared to the Russians 20 missiles. There sub is “fat” at some 50 feet of beam, where ours are a little over 40 feet at the beam. Reason? They- the Soviets, placed their missile tubes outside the pressure hull- in ballast tanks, thus the overall beam of the ship includes an awful lot of void space in which the missiles are housed.
      I will make one concession- they put a hot tub size swimming pool in their sub….
      we had ice cream machines!

      • Poutitipa says:

        Message for Pattercake:
        Ship’s bells are made of bronze, not brass. Brass is softer and used for instruments (Chadburns, clocks, searchlights)

    • Palsy says:

      An SLBM can’t detonate from a spark, the detonator for one is electronic not flammable, as well, detonator’s aboard SLBMs are always dormant until activated. Any form of ICBM can’t be hit with a hammer and nothing will happen, it has to be active, and most nuclear warheads are detonated by time controlled mechanisms controlled by a relay center using satellite, or detonated by altitude using an altimeter designed detonator [In case of nuclear bombs]

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  21. Alan says:

    What a nasty old hog!

  22. [...] in a day with these things. As sobering as that thought is, it’s worth taking a look at all the pictures and marveling in the engineering Russia’s once again demonstrated, as i’ve mentioned [...]

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  24. kevin says:

    what the hell are you!?!

    how bout you go eat some bacone and light a koran on fire!

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  26. Wow! Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Ugly American says:

    That cat is returning from the night’s hunt in the sub.

    No fish is safe.

  28. Texas T says:

    These are awesome photos. Being a former submarine sailor myself, I wish I could see one of these ships in person. I served on five submarines and loved the job. Anyone who shares that enjoyment, regardless of country, I gladly call brother! May your surfaces always equal your dives!

  29. BJ Thomas says:

    This thing looks like what we would have towed out to sea and have a little target practice.

  30. Third Eye says:

    W00t for the arcade game: did they develop it just to boost the crew’s morale even more?

    • ayebraine says:

      it’s an ordinary arcade game, people who were kids as late as early 90’s still played it. you gotta shoot torpedoes at ships and subs, giving a lead.

  31. dVijay, India says:

    WOW. This submarine is one impressive piece of machinery. Look at the size of this thing. Wonder what’d happen to any country if it ever managed to fire off all the missiles it carried. Devastating

  32. Anand says:

    It seems most of the russian stuff is outdated these day.
    A new repot confirms that russia has only 6 submarines ready for war any time, now that is quite amazing.
    Its obvious that russians had no money at a time but that doesn’t confirms why they were not able to maintain their existing inventory.
    It shows one thing that russian machines are actually junk in design, i.e only usable for short time because russians dont know how to convert a scientific principle into a formidable machine

    • ron says:

      i think subs like this are simply outdated,its obvious that the west isnt going to launch nukes against russia now,and subs cost millions to maintain.these are too big to hide,not hard to detect,so their days are numbered,like any old weapon of war.impressive looking though,shame to waste all that technology on what are now just tourist attractions.

      • DGAF says:

        Too big to hide? I guess you dont know that Russia has underground naval bases. It sounds unrealistic but, China recently built another naval base for their nuclear submarines on Hainan Island. The MK-941 was also very high tech for its time. And trust me, the russians arnt trying to hide these. They have at least 4 at their naval shipyard at Sevedesnsk. <(Mispelled) Be smart people, theres no way in hell they only built 6 & they're all being decommissioned. Really? Would you build the worlds biggest & deadliest submarines just to let em be scrapped? Neither would I.

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  34. Radzeen says:

    thanks for sharing..

  35. rjflorida says:

    The Typhoon was a top notch submarine in it’s day and terrified American Military planners. What made it obsolete and helped end the cold war were Blue lasers that could detect submarines thousands of feet down. Not much point in spending billions of dollars on subs that are going to get taken out in a few minutes if hostlities break out.

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  37. Therockus says:

    WOW An old machinist lathe in a submarine! There’s everything you need on there!

  38. Missile Technician says:

    I spent most of my life living on the American version of the typhoon submarine (Ohio Class Submarine). The Typhoon has much nicer crew quarters. I cant believe I actually saw a hot tub in those photos! It was weird looking at the photos because it was all so different but the same to me.

    Thank you for sharing the photos. I would love to see some photos of her in her prime. She is most impressive and a tribute to Russian ability and craftsmanship.

  39. n says:

    vobsem, tol4kom pravilno polzovatsia -samoe sloznoe na etoj submarine :D))

  40. Kellic says:

    o.O Is that a freaking pool in the sub?!?! I was originally thinking it was the pool for the reactor but that wouldn’t have just a glass enclosure.

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  44. cigarettes says:

    It is unbelievable construction. how many people drive such military machine?

  45. Vasiliy Vasilievic says:

    Великолепный корабль. Хотя его состояние только навевает тоску…

  46. Only In Russia says:

    Only in Russia do we stop for cats and kittens; that’s why it’s the first photo.


  47. Ric says:

    Very interesting photos. I served on US submarines and then worked for two different outfits that had Russian subs on display. So much of the equipment looks the same from class to class. Paint usage is the same. A lot of use of plywood throughout for living quarters.
    This photo: http://englishrussia.com/images/submarine_typhoon/1_055.jpg is posted sideways. Rotate it 90 degrees to the right. It is an escape trunk and the fabric around it is part of a “boot” that drops down into the compartment. Escaping from Russian subs was done at this time by flooding the whole compartment and the ducking out under the boot. I think the “pool” was also part of a radiation decontamination process.

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  49. Subbuddy in CA says:

    It’s soooo exciting to look at these monsters of the deep. As a boy I never imagined I would see inside one since the were the pride of the Russian navy at one time. I’m actually kinda bummed to see it not in service, but I can definitely appreciate the immense cost of maintaining one. Thank you for posting!

  50. stefandms says:

    Those submarines, WERE NOT BUILT to be left RUSTING, in some port in northern Russia or wherever…it`s a pitty……

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  55. MalikTous says:

    The Kursk was sunk by torpedo ‘hot run’, where a faulty torpedo initiates propulsion mode in torpedo room and destroys hull integrity with exhaust gas combustion. The same casualty sunk USS Scorpion. We should honour both crews and hope to avoid similar casualty in future.

    Typhoon/Shark is every bit as good as our US Trident missile submarines, these should be maintained as proud symbols of the successful end of the Cold War by both sides.

  56. Shreik says:

    Hey – cant understand why all ruskies are nagging so much about an observation – if it rusts it rusts – if you cant handle comments get outa here!!

  57. scott c says:

    great pictures looks like you got a good explore, how did you get onboard was it a tour or do you work at this base. i got a tour around a british sub at faslane as my dad worked there but this looks much better (and dangerous) is there not a radiation danger

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  59. jim says:

    Im active duty bubblehead on a trident on the west coast and these pictures are awesome. Hard to believe that our russian chums would be so lax with pictures that so blatantly violate their security. The entire world can see their methods of noise reduction, torpedo loading, ect.. Information many countries will pay millions for. Can’t imagine someone wandering around one of our boats snapping pictures of everything. Weird

    • steve says:

      You’ve got it backwards the Russian translation for the Typhoon class boats is shark. Typhoon is the NATO name. The name “Akula” for the fast attack boats (Shchuka) is a NATO name.

  60. seawolf says:

    I’d just like to point out that the Typhoon is not shark in russian. They already have a submarine named the shark. It is a fast attack submarine (their best in my admittedly amateur opinion lol) called the Akula (which means shark in Russian). Awesome pics though! Almost makes me wish I’d joined the navy rather than the army… then I think about the surface world and I’m happy lol.

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  62. Jon says:

    Wow if you’re not claustrophobic, you will be after watching these pics!

  63. Dave says:

    Fascinating, thanks for posting

  64. seo essen says:

    Cross between Hellraiser and early Dr. Who….what’s the suicide rate for those depressing hunks of metal?

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  66. MetallMann says:

    shame to see such a technological masterpiece in oblivion…

    So much work and energy was invested in that thing and now it’s just rusting there.
    They should respect their own effort for doing such an art of technology much more as they really do.
    What a pitty!

  67. Παρασκευή, 19/3/10…

    :: [ Δείτε μια καταπληκτική διαφήμιση ] ζωγραφισμένη πάνω σε λεωφορείο!..
    :: [ Το μεγαλύτερο υποβρύχιο του κόσμου ] είναι τώρα παροπλισμένο!..

  68. I savoured reading it. I need to read more on this issue…I am admiring the time and effort you put in your blog, because it is plainly one great place where I can find lot of usable info..

  69. ET2Radioman says:

    Wow… This is just stunning. Look at the size of these monsters! You know what would be cool would be to buy one of these things off the russians, rip out the missile decks and turn it into a floating nightclub. It’s not really worth much else at this point.

    Another thing that caught my eye were the hull plates on the outside. Did anyone else catch those? Man, you must have been able to hear that thing coming a million miles away.

    I also noticed a couple other things… looks like whoever the belowdecks was, he had one hell of a log set… A low pressure blower in one of the photo, and… a swimming pool?

  70. adam says:

    I want that Kitteh!!

  71. Lonzo says:

    Looks like a dilapidated piece of junk. Size is not all that counts. This class of sub is on it’s way out anyway.
    You will never see one of these subs all dilapidated.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ohio_class_submarine 2nd largest and faster.

  72. richard says:

    akula is russian for shark–they were attack subs(hunter/killers) typhoon is a missle sub other wise known as boomers

  73. duran says:

    you guys are all pricks. ms india made a valid point, that sub looks beat up as hell. its your blind devotion to obviously crumbiling systems that got russia in the mess it is in now. you are a run down corrupt shell of a former superpower. which wouldent be so bad if you didnt act like you were still on top.

  74. duran says:

    in its heyday that sub would comand the respect of any nation, but face facts, it has been left to rot. dont treat an attack on a derilict like an attack on your pride. i agree however that any loss of life at sea is a shame and ought be respected.

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  78. juan says:

    Increible estas fotos. El pensar que durante la guerra fria hubieran matado por tener una sola de estas fotos, me alucina. Por otro lado me entristece el ver el destino final de estas obras de ingenieria o sus fotos, que circulen asi por la red.
    La tecnologia rusa me sorprende asi como el halo de secretismo en torno a ella.
    Gracias por compartir

  79. J Smith says:

    Just wanted to let you guys know…

    This USS Kentucky, is over 173 Meter’s long. Its bigger than these Russian ones.


    • J Flick says:

      USS Kentucky is an Ohio Class, and is NOT bigger than a typhoon… do some research nub!

      • J Flick says:

        Longer yes, but look at the specs for both… you can google them. The Typhoon IS larger. in displacement, weight, width… it makes up for the few feet (meters) in length by an extreme amount. Again, just a little research…

  80. Curtis Grant says:

    I also followed Soviet Subs while stationed in Japan. 6 specops, several missile shots and a 37 day trail. Those were the days!

  81. montra---trimek----pig----thailand-- says:


  82. montra---trimek----pig----thailand-- says:


  83. James Pryde says:

    I am just wondering how one can get a tour of the submarine ?

    Not even inside, just on the deck

    As seeing and touching a typhoon in real life is one of my life goals…

    Thanks :-)

  84. Brilliant and interesting pictures – a tribute to excellent Russian engineering and the crews.

    Thank you Russia, for the GS35B valve, through which I talk to the world!

  85. jerry says:

    yeah, up your rear end dude

  86. tom koehler says:

    Am ex sub sailor from late 60’s early 70’s. Am impressed by the sheer size of this sub and at the same time saddened to see its decay. Budget constraints hit everywhere, I guess.

    Visitors would be utterly astonished at the bulk of this vessel, if it were drydocked and fully visible.

    Thanks for the picture show.

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  90. Kiran-India says:

    Amazing masterpiece from Russia.

  91. FührerBunker.AT says:

    F.Bunker here.

    Im back at home in austria :D and first th/ing i see on ER is some na/zi stuff…schäm dich ER, aber wirklisch…

  92. Jacob says:

    Wow, amazing pictures. I am in the US. But I wish that Russia would take better care and preserve things like this for everyone to see. Amazing photos. I wish I could make a trip there to see this. I have always wanted to make a trip to see Russia – especially Red Square and the rest of Moscow. The US and Russia has made some amazing machines and equipment throughout history. Hopefully one day soon I can take my family on a vacation to see the history in Russia. Thanks again for the pictures! And I agree with some of the other comments. I would LOVE to see this sub in dry dock. It is massive seeing only a portion of it out of the water. I could not imagine seeing the entire sub out of water!

  93. DAN 1 says:

    Maybe submarine enthusiasts could start a “Preservation Club” for these old beauties. Maybe Russia would allow volunteers to come and maintain them. Also, it would help the cost of materials to maintain them to give tours on them.

  94. se7en says:


  95. Biwi Trollip says:

    EnglisRussia Rocks!18 years ago I would have been jaied for being a Russophile. Today I stumbled upon ER and these submarine pics. Amazing! I have to see Russia. Regards from Africa. Follow me on Twitter @runwildsafaris Biwi

  96. Milo Willson says:

    Just amazing how big that thing is.

  97. Thomas Pheil says:

    Very cool pictures. Thanks for taking the time to post them. Is that a litle Russian cat? Or possibly a subversive American cat?

  98. jerry says:

    thanks for letting us see the inside of a russian submarine.

  99. John E. says:

    This is a fascinating set of pictures. For all those commenting that the boat looks bad, rusty etc. … ships that don’t see active service WILL degrade. There’s an interesting documentary on youtube called “Mission Invisible” that depicts a Typhoon in operation, apparently in the early 2000s, as the boat’s captain makes reference to the recent loss of the Kursk and its effect (or lack thereof, in his opinion) on the submarine crews. Check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSDYOdQ9YiQ and you’ll see a boat of this class in MUCH better shape as it goes out on patrol and to fire a test missile.

    To those who claim the Typhoons were/are inferior to the U.S. Ohio class: Not exactly true. What turns out to be the truth is that the six Soviet/Russian leviathans apparently were much more time, trouble and expense to maintain. Thus, of 18 Ohios built, all are still in service as of 2012, while only three Typhoons survive, two of them in reserve that have not put to sea since 2004 and 2006 respectively! Note that the Ohios and Typhoons were constructed during the same general time frame — late 1970s to late 1980s for the Typhoons, late 1970s to late 1990s for the Ohios. Another reason for some of the Typhoons being scrapped: Arms reduction agreements. In short, anyone in this comment section who’s been taking potshots at Russian engineering, workmanship etc. really isn’t considering the whole picture, though there certainly have been a number of documented incidents involving the Russian nuclear fleet.

    Getting back to the 18 Ohios, four are no longer ballistic missile subs; they’ve been converted to cruise missile subs, but can still launch nuclear warheads in that configuration.

    There have been rumors that the Severstal and Arkhangelsk Typhoons would be upgraded and called back into service, but that doesn’t appear to be the case now. That leaves the Dmitriy Donskoy as the ONLY Typhoon still in service. I’d venture to say that it doesn’t look decrepit like the boat pictured here does! The Donskoy was put back in service in 2002 after a 12-year (!) refit; the word is the boat was EXTENSIVELY modified, and in fact reconfigured to carry the new Bulava missile.

    Even the Donskoy probably won’t see service for much longer, as it’s supposed to be replaced by the Borei class of subs.

    I guess I have mixed feelings about the Typhoons going away. Certainly, no one would want to return to the dark days of the Cold War — the nuclear threat posed by these subs was TERRIFYING. I just hate to see such machines decaying away.

    Final thought: To the person who expressed surprise at Russia allowing these photos to be out on the Web: I doubt seriously they’re giving much away in the way of valuable secrets by doing so. Again, the Donskoy is the only boat of the class still in service, and it’s been so extensively modified that the likelihood is that its interior looks almost NOTHING like what we’re seeing here.

  100. Jimmmm says:

    Good old Russia…their finest sub is rusted so badly that I literally couldn’t decide if she was decommissioned or not until about halfway through :L

  101. Ken P says:

    Amazing photos! Wow!

  102. Keith says:

    I noted an old rotary style phone in one of the pic’s……Russian technology at its best?

  103. tom says:

    John E. said: “For all those commenting that the boat looks bad, rusty etc. … ships that don’t see active service WILL degrade. ”

    I am a former U.S. Navy submariner and I can attest to the above. The sea corrodes everything and constant maintenance is required. Its the thing sailors hate the most but must do constantly. These boats are in reserve so the Russians are not keeping them up as they would a boat that is being relied upon for patrol. And no, these pictures don’t give away any secrets. If that were possible, the Russians would not allow people on board.

  104. Mateus says:

    Belas fotos! O Typhoon impõe respeito e surpreende por seu tamanho.Só me surpreendi com a falta de manutenção, as ferrugens inclusive em torno da piscina demonstram que ele está castigado pelo tempo. Eles podem serem aposentados mas ficarão na história naval para sempre.

  105. Mike T says:

    Awesome pics! Anybody know if these are Typhoons in the harbor near Rybachiy? I see two centered here, and one more 6 piers to the East.


  106. Patriota says:

    Kirchnerism is destroying Argentina.
    C.F.K. is the worst president of our history.
    Please save us , we do not want to be another Camboya,Iran, Irak,Cuba or Venezuela.
    Mauricio Macri is the only honest politician in Argentina, and the only one that can save this country.

    • Claudio says:

      Tenes razon, el unico presidente realmente populista es Macri, porque con las obras que realiza hace años y sin robar como hacen todos los demas, piensa en el bien comun de los ciudadanos. Al ser empresario no necesita ni siquiera el sueldo de presidente ya que no es un politico hambriento y corrupto. Saludos Patriota!.

  107. coater says:

    what technology!!

  108. John says:

    built during the 1980’s and people are wondering why they are rusty! they are just old, when things get old, especially with metal, it rusts. What a giant, but the new Borei class is the replacement.

  109. Captain Tupalov says:

    We will lay off their largest city and listen to their rock and roll…..

  110. Mauricio says:

    Russian submarines designs are so beautiful and inovative. The american subs, otherwise, are all look-alike.

  111. Claudio says:

    Gracias EnglishRussia por el impresionante material fotográfico!. Desde pequeño me encantan los submarinos y especialmente éste, el mas grande del mundo!. Nunca lo había visto por dentro y es realmente enorme, por momentos me ha parecido estar dentro de una nave espacial. Saludos al Staff!.

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