57 World’s Most Extreme Public Transportation?

World’s Most Extreme Public Transportation?

Posted on April 9, 2009 by

World extreme public transportation in Russia

Where is the world’s most extreme public transportation service is located in? It can easily be assumed that in Norilsk city, Russia. Norilsk people say about themselves “We have seen snowings in June, our parents are going to the job in the column of the buses leaded and followed by special snow clearing machines, our city was built by prisoners, when we hear that the weather is going to be warmer it means it would be -10, and we don’t have any homeless – just none would survive at -54”. This photos were made in the buses of Norilsk city.

World extreme public transportation in Russia 2

World extreme public transportation in Russia 3

World extreme public transportation in Russia 4

World extreme public transportation in Russia 5

World extreme public transportation in Russia 6

World extreme public transportation in Russia 7

World extreme public transportation in Russia 8

World extreme public transportation in Russia 9

World extreme public transportation in Russia 10

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photos by V. Makushkin

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57 responses to “World’s Most Extreme Public Transportation?”

  1. peter says:

    Wow, I can imagine the extreme temperatures bring a lot of problems. Failing electronics, cars that won’t start.

    • Miss India says:

      OMG it seems like air conditioned bus are still unheard of in poor Russia 🙁

      • Siberian says:

        Well, those buses ARE air conditioned. Otherwise where did all hoar-frost come from? 🙂

      • anon says:

        Hah Tony, develop a sense of humor (difficult) – and become more literate (even more difficult for you!)

      • vngpls says:

        Looks like you’re a paid Pakistani propagandist to create a rift between the decades-old friendship existing between the Russian (including all former Soviet Union states) and Indian people. No Indian would ever make that remark. I’ve been reading almost all of these pages and I see that you’re on every page taking pain to sow your hatred of Russia in the guise of an Indian identity. You’re fake, an agent provocateur only to malign Indians who love everything about Russians and other former USSR states and its peoples. Nobody is going to buy your poison. Just stay away from these columns.

  2. Lenry says:

    how can be snow INSIDE, the bus?

    • When the wind blows really hard snow can squeeze in through the smallest of cracks.

      • Xpltivdletd says:

        I’ve seen that, just enough to know it’s true! While I was a small child, my family lived in the NW corner of Minnesota, about 26 miles (41 Klicks, more or less) from Canada. With really fine, powder snow, it only needs *some* wind to sneak it in past windows and doors.

        I wonder if a little melting & re-freezing forced a bus door a little further open. Best regards.

      • Lai-Lai says:

        Just like fine sand durring the Great Dustbowl.

    • scot says:

      Someone left the door open – you can see in pics 6 and 8

  3. Anton says:

    There is nothing extreme in the tranportation depicted on almost all photos.

    The first photo was taken in some abondoned bus.

  4. brbrbr says:

    fake. buses in park have similar look even in Moscow sometimes.
    and no, there a lot more colder cities in Russia.
    take look at north yakutia, for example.

  5. Tomas says:

    Wow, and I am wondering WHEN did it happen? I mean it’s not now in April or is it?

    Tomas. Litva.

  6. molodiec says:

    This is true, russian air-conditioning. Not that gayish american imitation.

  7. w says:

    These are fake. One of the snowy buses has a smashed windscreen.

    • Dimitry says:

      So what? Many buses even in Moscow have smashed windscreens :). Too expensive to replace them before they finally fall off.

  8. Gingernut says:

    It look’s abandoned to me but didn’t Mikhail Prokhorov rob the folks who work in the mine so he owes them heaters!

  9. John says:

    That’s the worst I’ve seen. I wonder why people would still live there year after year. Here in Toronto if we get 20-30cm of snow they tell you on TV & Radio to stay home.
    They know our Chinese community can’t drive even in perfect conditions. Come to think of it, almost nobody can drive worth a damn cause nobody is white & gives a damn anymore, cause nobody speaks English! Thanks to “MULTICULTURALISM” & good old Pierre Elliot Trudeau, our thankfully dead Liberal Prime Minister.

    • adroit says:

      While I will totally agree that MULTICULTURALISM does not work. I feel it is a bit rich for you to say it, unless of course you are a Native Canadian Indian?

      • Xpltivdletd says:

        erm… For all the humans whose ancestors invaded the Americas by WALKING in, almighty ‘Multiculturalism©” was the undoing of all their civilizations. They didn’t reinvent it. They just had not developed *past* it. So, when the European invasion by sea began, they had no viable way to spread the word far-enough or fast-enough. Europeans who were savages just a little bit more advanced; just a little bit LESS ‘Multicultural©’ took them down–be it for better here and there or worse. Now what went-around seems to come back around. Best regards.

    • Kirov says:

      In Russia they tell you to go out !

      Walk on it and kick the dvorniki [streetsweepers] into gear! So snow will dissappear and we will have our beloved muddy end wet roads again!

      many roads in city here are still unpaved so nice fun for the children to play in mud and spread it into the house where mama has to clean it day after day which is good because it makes her lose weight and i want my mama to look like 20 again when she was thin and longlegged and not massive bogatir bulldozer-like monster. She is now 38 and 85 kiloos [1.62 cm]/ Looking for a date btw.

    • John says:

      Please forgive me for being so ignorant and mean spirited.
      I was wrong to say such slanderous things.
      I will not conduct myself in such a manner again.

  10. LTU to all says:

    go to norilsk

  11. x says:

    this is real winter in “SIBIR'”, russian federation!

  12. Man from Ural (Russia) says:

    You are so funny, when you tell such things. Have you ever been to Russia? Have you ever seen our towns, our nature, our girls? Where did you get the information that all Russians drink vodka? From TV? We have something more than vodka, snow and AK-47. But, you will never know it.
    So, sit down at your ranch quietly and drink your American beer.

    From Russia with love 🙂

  13. Kozak says:

    Man from Ural,
    Sorry to tell you, but yes, this is the image that Russians have all over the world – heavy drinkers of vodka especially in very isolated areas.
    I come from Kiev, I don’t say that it’s not the same in here, it is in countrysides, except dor Western Ukraine.
    I’m living in France now and what I thought was normal before, I mean drinking habits, are not normal in Europe for example. It’s just differnt perception of things, different mentality etc. But every time I go to see my uncle in Moscow and see the way he drinks (and he’s not considered to be an alcoholic) I’m disgusted. And he’s only an average drinker. So, yes, Russians are into drinking and it seems normal for you because you don’t know different meaning of normal. It’s just the way it is.

  14. jojo says:

    come to england! they all alcoholic 🙂 lol

  15. Kees says:

    If you dont understand why we live there… I tell you – oil.
    Americans invade Iraq and kill ppl there for oil, we build cities in Siberia 😀

  16. miss st.petersburg says:

    the door is open so that the person who is taking the photograph can get inside and actually take the photo.

  17. Cigarettes says:

    this is extreme russian winter

  18. Foxy Queen says:

    incredible conditions for human being.

  19. Y says:

    Вот такое хреновое лето.

  20. jopie says:

    Who would want to live in that city?
    Only crazy folks methinks

  21. Smokes says:

    OMG. In such natural condition can live only white bears.

  22. poisson says:

    YOU SHOULD LEARN how to build subways, that’s practically sad

  23. Jitendra Sarma says:

    I am an indian and all of us repeat all of us indians love russia. The pictures here are fascinating. MISS INDIA IS A PAKI out the act spoiler. She is here everywhere creating bad blood between friends.

  24. jodi says:

    northern Canada gets like that occasionally. Not fun. You don’t dare turn off your vehicle once you finally get it going, or you need another jump start. And replacing front windows every year – the cold cracks them. And true, homeless freeze fast. You won’t even find them til the summer thaw. But beautiful when sitting inside in front of a warm fire with a hot rum. Low population makes it peaceful.

  25. sadasivan says:

    The will-power of the Russians, is to be admired!

  26. chuenga.net says:

    Los transportes públicos má sextremos del mundo…

    ¿Te quejás porque el bondi llega tarde? ¿Porque la unidad es vieja? Echale una mirada a este sistema d etransporte público de Rusia….

  27. JustSomeGuy says:

    Norilsk is a closed-city. In the north near the artic circle. I watched a documentary, about 25% of the world’s nickel comes from there (what your laptop battery is made of). In the mid-90s the citizens voted to keep it a restricted area (only those born there can live there, etc).

    Most people work far underground as miners. When they come up to sleep it is not only cold and windy (from the ocean) but because of all the mining there is acid rain. No plant can live because of all the metal contamination. It is a crazy place to call home but over 100,000 do just that. And they are happy with their stable jobs and don’t care about the cancer.

  28. Erick says:

    I hate snowmen they mess up our transit system.

  29. pligg.com says:

    World’s Most Extreme Public Transportation…

    Where is the world’s most extreme public transportation service is located in? It can easily be assumed that in Norilsk city, Russia.

  30. MassiveMarbles says:

    What in the world is that last vehicle with the tracks instead of tires? I want one!

  31. How they work in snowfall man.It is really cool thanks for sharing

  32. nightkraawler says:

    that’s crazy… That bus looks like those old refrigerator freezers that would need defrosting periodicaly…I still dont understand why people live there… Maybe they are not bothered by anyone Idk…..

  33. Sagar says:

    To our russian friends.

    This is to inform u that india had got liberty just before 55/60 years but now its one of the major eco of the world.

  34. racom says:

    What’s that “car” / vehicle / something with tracks


    …it looks similar to the “Hägglunds Bv206S”

  35. Bee says:

    I think some of the bus photos are unused parked buses, they aren’t in operation.

  36. amazing news says:

    LOL, it is called winter.

  37. Lena says:

    You all, Russia is world’s greatest country! It always was and it always will be!

  38. Keila Pieroni says:

    magnificent issues altogether, you just gained a emblem new reader.

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