236 Russian Wall-E Case Mod

Russian Wall-E Case Mod

Posted on April 8, 2009 by

Russian Wall-E case mod

This project took 18 days from this Russian guy to accomplish. It all has began after he has watched that cartoon. An idea sparked thru his head “I want to build such thing to hold my computer stuff in it”. A solid-metal Wall-E computer case, each detail carefully cut from the metal sheets processed and put in place. Swiss precision homemade heavy metal WallE geeky step-by-step history is waiting us below:

Russian Wall-E case mod 8

Russian Wall-E case mod 9

Russian Wall-E case mod 10

Russian Wall-E case mod 11

Russian Wall-E case mod 12

Russian Wall-E case mod 13

Russian Wall-E case mod 14

Russian Wall-E case mod 15

Russian Wall-E case mod 16


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236 Responses to “Russian Wall-E Case Mod”

  1. blandal says:

    a to siusiak jeden – tez takiego pc-ta chce,
    pozdro i wiecej takich projektów!!

  2. davai says:


  3. Rоdriguez says:

    Эй, чел! Полегче! Это не пидор. Он наоборот говорит, что тоже себе хочет один такой, поздравляет, что так классно получилось и побольше бы говорит таких проектов было.

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  5. maxD says:

    Amazing! Great job!

    But the real WALL-E is a Mac… anyone noticed the start-up sound in the movie ? So to turn him into a Windows PC is, uhmmm…. a bit nasty.

    • asddsadsa says:

      Not really, atleast when you are not gay and play games.

      • asddsadsa's dad says:

        I know, I wish Windows gamers would stop being so gay. It’s very, very annoying.

        Every time you go to a gamer convention you get hit on by everyone over 12, it’s all “ooh Vista I love Vista let’s cuddle.” “Oh your son has such a big joystick let me play with yours” and I just want to take a chainsaw to the lot of them.

        Finally got a mac and now they all stay the hell away from me. Best thing I ever did.

        Now if my son would just stop being so gay. Had to buy him ‘My Barbie Horsey Farm’ or something totally gay last week so he’d stop inviting Windows tramps off the street up to his room to play ‘transvestite windows user.’

        • Sablatnic says:

          I’m impressed. None of the parts are really complicated. I could make most of them myself. BUT THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM! All done in 18 days. Most impressive.

    • onitake says:

      he could just install ideneb or ipc.

  6. Vinz says:

    Great job! I’m swiss and well, what can i say… Awesome!

  7. !CnSoLoer says:


  8. Gena says:

    Great stuff!!! Amazing!! Klass! prosto OHUET’!

  9. quipster says:

    Awesome all the way. I’d love to have one, what a beauty.

  10. Bernard says:

    Awesome! Great mod! I like one!!! Do you know his email? Can he sell it? price?
    wow! Really cool work!

  11. digg.ee says:

    Wall-E Case Mod…

  12. r00tmaster says:


  13. bossyman15 says:

    Nicely done!!!
    You have skillz!
    Looks very real!

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  15. tombug says:

    smart that you drilled holes before cutting with a bandsaw, cutting that much aluminum takes a very long time

    this is byfar the best pc case mod i have ever seen
    awsome work!

  16. Adolfo Camara says:

    Impressive. And maybe this is the largest English Russia article posted so far?

  17. [...] 18 days. Although I’m unaware of who put this together, I was able to grab a gallery of pics from EnglishRussia.com on how it was put together. I think that this is one of the most ultimate PC mods I’ve seen [...]

  18. Peter Nguyen says:

    dude this is way to awesome for me to handle. :)

    wall-e forever

  19. Chris says:

    That is awesome, impressive. Hats of to the mod. It’ll be even more beautiful if the mod was done on a mac mini or some old PowerMac.

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  21. Badou says:

    Very nice work !

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  23. todd says:


  24. Osties.es ! says:

    Como montar tu Wall-e !…

    Aquí dejo una web de como un ruso monto su propio Wall-e, bastante interesante la verdad…


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  26. 杨柳 says:


  27. lou says:


  28. cheesewookie says:

    my only issue is that the optical drive looks like it is ontop of the fan, might make for some terrible ventilation

  29. Zx.MYS says:


  30. Pryme says:

    This is incredible. The level of detail and painstaking steps taken to make it look as authentic and functional as possible deserve recognition. My hat is off to you. Very, very well done. I am beyond impressed.

  31. Ukrainian says:

    Now show me one American who does this kinda stuff for himself?

  32. DONG-HUN says:


  33. bobez says:

    what an awesome case! any chance that’ll be available for purchase? i’d love to have one of my own.

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  35. LeboviciAB84 says:

    Incredible work, up until the am-dram attempts at weathering. I wish he’d kept the casing well away from the Rust-oleum (or even left it unpainted, as a shiny aluminium statue of Wall•E, tarnishing and corroding as the atmosphere dictates.)

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  38. Ugly American says:


  39. Gera says:

    Нет слов…у чувака просто золотые руки,надеюсь в будущем он еще что-нибудь покажет…

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  43. Ed says:

    Great!! The best ever!

  44. Vlad says:

    Incredible, great job!

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  46. Stavros says:

    Great Work!!!!! Any plans to make other characters from the Film?

  47. Real Wall-E…

    Wall-E Spotted in LA! from. vimeo

    very cute!!!
    Russian Wall-E Case Mod
    from. English Russia
    hmm,, wow?

  48. AzzX says:

    That is probably the most impressive PC mod I have seen ever.

    Fantastic stuff.

  49. bunus says:

    Great mod.
    This guy got some nice tools to do this job :D

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  51. Lark3po says:

    You Sir are a master craftsman! Thanks for sharing the pictures of all the hard work you put into it. You are really gifted!

  52. zkzm says:

    와 멋진데요 컴퓨터를 만드는게 아니고 금속공예를 보는것 같네요
    어찌 그리 꼼꼼하게 설계를 하시고 만드셨는지…. 금속원판을
    깎고 다듬는것 보고는 직업이 그쪽 계통이 아닌가 하는 생각이
    들더군요 ㅎㅎ 다음번 멋진 작품 역시 기대하겠습니다

  53. Bruno says:

    Muito louco cara, pirei !!! Mandou bem demais !!!
    Abraços do Brasil !!!
    I love it, simply amazing !!!

  54. Jason says:

    The person who built this is a good machinist.

    If I had to build this in the machinist program in school I would have droped out!

  55. pingux says:

    Congratulations, great work and thank you for pictures.

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  57. boriska says:

    Wall-e отсюда

  58. Sven says:

    Wall E Is a wonderfull movie
    wow it`s a great idea to build it
    on this idea I would never have come.

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  60. Hikari says:

    GREAT job! OMG!!

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  63. [...] Russian Wall-E Case Mod – This project took 18 days from this Russian guy to accomplish. A solid-metal Wall-E computer case, each detail carefully cut from the metal sheets processed and put in place. [...]

  64. dunk says:

    If I only was so skillful to do the same..
    Thats just awesome, man!

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  67. Tyson says:

    excellent mod, spectacular photos! Kudos from Canada!

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  70. mehmet says:

    I don’t think he will sell it to you even you give him your dear ass :))

  71. WALL-E | says:

    [...] WALL-E, a lovely robot…A russian guy made the special product… [...]

  72. Mortalmatt says:

    Most EPIC thing I have seen this year! :D

  73. guy says:

    Nice Job!
    That takes some skill to pull off

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  76. Rino says:


  77. 梁阳 says:



  78. DracoAnulus says:

    Love the work, only thing i could say is it would be even cooler if one of the eyes was a webcam as well

  79. Brian says:

    You forgot the dot… it’s Wall·E, not WallE.

    So close.

  80. olgaolgao says:

    How a Wall-E computer case!! I love it. It’s awsome. Coooooooooool…..

  81. Christian S. says:

    Nicest Mod in a long time.

    Will Wall-E 2.0 be RC controlled?

    Someone should really give him a CNC mill.

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  83. Make it for me! says:

    It’ll will be great if a Mac mini is inside (truly Wake-up sound and slot-in drive is looks better) and this projector is in the body or an eye!

    I’ll buy this Wall-E!!!

  84. jermz says:

    i think it would have been cool to have an eye as a camera. or both as cameras.

  85. Jedi says:

    i hope i got this kinda talent~;; but.. ;;

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  87. [...] case you want to build one for yourself, the Russian modder has his step by step guide found here. Just remember that the guy who built this is probably a mechanical engineer and machinists. For [...]

  88. Ingmar says:

    Die Leute sind wirklich 牛B!


  89. Hans says:

    Wenn Wall-E sich bewegen kann,wird es ganz coll.

  90. der held says:

    hätt ich auch gerne,
    aber warum hat er in den augen keine webcams verbaut???

  91. Epke says:

    That is damn cool i want a battlestar galactica versiom :)

  92. Stevan Milashinovic says:

    E tako se to radi !

  93. ebert says:


  94. Claudio says:

    geni, siete dei geni!!!

  95. Mars says:

    Wow…build amzing Wall-E.
    I wanna put servo’s in in and make it completely controllable bij RC!

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  97. [Linkdump] 30. April 2009…

    Robotische Links der letzten Tage

  98. Ridhuan says:

    As a mechanical engineer.. that Wall-E is totally simple to make. The photos are enough to prove that he did it by himself. What he did to make that Wall-E are just basic manufacturing processes. Great creativity. Kudos..

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  104. Eygene says:

    Otlichno sdelano! Davai v fabriku i nam siuda v Angliu, razletiatsia kak goriachie pirojki!!

  105. greg says:

    Great work.He could add a projector in the eyes and a compact keyboard on the “door”.then it would be just perfect!

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  108. THA1 says:

    I’m just here to say Nice job on the WALL-E Case Mod, you’re a master of your tools. Too bad people don’t put their brains to use after seeing such an amazing design, instead they show how ignorant they are in the form of negative posts. I am honestly inspired and would like to learn more.

  109. Simon says:

    That is truly amazing! I work in an acrylic fabrication factory and i would love to do something like that in acrylic!! may be impossible! and a lot of effore but if there are a few dxf files lying around i am sure i could peice something together! otherwise it would take me too long!

  110. Na J.H says:

    우와! 대단하군요! 부럽삼.

  111. JollyRoger says:

    It’s great~~~
    U Crazy Man~~~

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  113. [...] WALL-E Case Metal Mod is a very impressive build. Have a look at the detail! No corners were cut in that project. The [...]

  114. erco says:

    That workrug underneath all the parts looks just like an apparently accidental Kandinsky painting:


    I’ll bet the abstract expressionist art nuts would love a snap of just the rug ;)

  115. Sami says:

    Awesome!! I want do that too!!

  116. [...] Wall-E Case In Mother Russia, Wall-E serves you…well, he serves your files. The modder has taken the single word hero from Disney’s hit movie and created a delightfully accurate version of Wall-E. Everything on this case has basically been machined from scratch, including the wheels, cogs, treads, and Wall-E’s “head”. A brilliant paint job that simulated rusty wear on the various parts and working arms makes this case truly one of a kind. [...]

  117. lucy says:

    were can a buy a wall-e cpu

  118. [...] seen. A Russian hobbyist spent 18 days cutting and detailing each part of the lovable Pixar hero; he photographs the entire process [...]

  119. David says:

    Nice, but when do we get to see a Number 5 from Short Circuit???

  120. Ian says:

    That is the most amazing thing. I hope this guy has a great job because he is so talented!!

  121. OT3P_Wolf says:

    Wow, that’s hot! I love how every step is photographed. Russia RULES! Wish I was Russian… *grumble*

  122. Scarlett says:

    that is absolutely incredible. I’d so get one if these are on sale.

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  126. I normally don’t get into that sort of thing… but OMG…

    This is the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen!!!!

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  128. demny says:


  129. [...] detalles del mismo, como por ejemplo un “do it yourself” parecido al que se hizo del Gabinete de Wall-E…eso sí fue una [...]

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  134. love says:

    bless this post with love,peace,respect and success.

    just let love be

  135. Osman says:

    Parası neyse veririm bana da bi tane yap.

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  137. [...] Check out lots of photos of its construction here. Thanks to Kalman for the tip. [...]

  138. Sofia says:

    Great mod.
    This guy got some nice tools to do this job

  139. qwhe says:


  140. [...] I love the animation film, and would LOOVE to have this case on my desk! Very creative! Follow the link, to learn more about its [...]

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  144. otoniel says:


    is amazing, you are increible………….


  145. To be open I fully hold with Your persuasion.

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  147. [...] a vedere su EnglishRussia tutte le fasi della [...]

  148. [...] This thing looks really cool. The guy who did this in Russia took 18 days to build. Here is the link. [...]

  149. [...] diejenigen unter Euch die diesen knuffigen PC noch nicht gesehen haben, kann ich die Schritt für Schritt Anleitung nur [...]

  150. Poppy Scott says:

    The first time that i tried overcloking over a year ago, my CPU got overheated and got fried.:::

  151. Ziar Neamt says:

    Thanks for that great webpage article! I definitely enjoyed reading it, that you’re a perfect author. I essentially added your blog to my favorites and will come back inside a futureto your web site. Maintain up the outstanding work, I hope you may have a incredible day!

  152. [...] This project took 18 days from this Russian guy to accomplish. It all has began after he has watched that cartoon. An idea sparked thru his head “I want to build such thing to hold my computer stuff in it”. A solid-metal Wall-E computer case, each detail carefully cut from the metal sheets processed and put in place. Swiss precision homemade heavy metal WallE geeky step-by-step history is waiting [you after you click this link]: [...]

  153. PorschefanRoel says:

    Awesome mod, I wish I could have one like this.
    It must be great to be able to make something like this by yourself and even use it :P

    I’m wondering what the specs of the pc are xD

  154. [...] Casing Damn cool…. English Russia Russian Wall-E Case Mod This project took 18 days from this Russian guy to accomplish. It all has began after he has [...]

  155. very funny says:

    This is really great

  156. juank.zero says:

    simplemente magnifico,,,,, lo mejor

  157. [...] diriez-vous d’un boitier en forme de Wall-E? C’est ce qu’un russe a réussi à faire en 18 jours. En prime, avec toutes les images [...]

  158. Muddy says:

    You have blown everyone’s minds. Including DisneyPixar… you need to start selling these… although you may be sued… Hmm. FK. I want one.

  159. LLIB SETAG says:

    Apple should hire you to work with Jonathon Ive, Chief Industrial Designer at Apple HQ Cupertino, CA.!

  160. ibax says:

    just awesome!!

  161. [...] See the computer (and the entire building process) right here. [...]

  162. Jacqui says:

    As WALL-E would say… “Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

    I want to know who made this and if he’d make another for $$$. SERIOUSLY.

  163. @GlaszK says:

    I agree! You must work with Mr. Jobs in Apple. Well until.. I´ll make my wish to Santa. Greetings from Mexico.

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  167. Nikole Amaya says:

    Hello, I comment to you that I like very much as this one documented on the process of clear WALLE I am charmed with it it EVE publishes in my Blog now alone talta. Congratulations good work http://nikoleamaya.wordpress.com/2010/09/05/la-imagen-de-la-semana-%c2%a1lindo-walle/

  168. maria says:

    I got your page searching for storm door hardware.topic English Russia » Russian Wall-E Case Mod was interesting. Please Keep posting on storm door hardware.

  169. DouglasUrantia says:

    it takes some good tools to make this

  170. [...] for Floyd, it hurts my feelings that people relate him to WALL-E. I’ve read about Floyd and he seems annoying and Wall-E could never be annoying, it’s [...]

  171. crys says:

    Man, this guy should get an award too!

  172. Facundo says:

    Congratulations from Mar del Plata (Argentina) very good your work would like to have your ability to handle well the tools and be as neat.

  173. Milos says:


  174. Daniel White says:

    Awesome job, very well done!

  175. Владимир says:


  176. 김태수 says:

    oh! i am korea boy
    you wall-e bot very godd jop!!

  177. Rui Coelho says:

    congratulations, a lot of work was worth much more

  178. Saartje says:

    I want to make also a Wall E but i dont know how big he is? Your Wall E is Amazing ! Can you tell the sizes of everything ?

  179. Ryan says:

    Really gret job with Wall-E! And a very nice idea for a case!!

  180. Tin giao duc says:

    Can your Wall-E talk ? :D
    Your work is so great !

  181. Gabriel says:

    Wow!!! its awesome!!! Great job!!! :D

  182. Ender says:

    So how much would this cost me to buy it? lol

  183. A true sign of craftsmanship- I wish I could contact the creator/fabricator for a mod I’m working on.

  184. Chris says:

    Amazin job, I would be interested to buy a case like this one. Any chance of being contacted?
    I leave in canada.

  185. eelco says:

    how awesome can one get? This guy has a very well functioning brain in his skull(said while givin a silent applause)

  186. sukampret says:

    this is not a case mod, he build this from nothing
    and this is super awesome!!!

  187. Dustin says:

    This is just too awesome!!! great job! I was just wondering if you would be interested in making another one but not painting it (for money). I really would love to have one. And if not then could you please e mail me you designs and measurements so I can make my own. Thank you and great job :)

  188. david says:

    hola me podrían decir donde consigo los planos para sacar las medidas para armar mi propio wall-e. gracias

  189. Andrew Pelt says:

    Have a high quality website

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