15 Forest Gym

Forest Gym

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Russian gym in forest 11

Russian gym in forest 12

Russian gym in forest 13

Russian gym in forest 14

Russian gym in forest 15

Russian gym in forest 16

Russian gym in forest 17

Russian gym in forest 18

Russian gym in forest 19

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15 Responses to “Forest Gym”

  1. Berl Lazar says:

    Do you like anal?

  2. Berl Lazar says:

    So you wanna suck me?

  3. angella Ahmadinejad says:

    Were is the muscle man?

  4. Arcadenix says:

    OMG, Russian are so poor, they don’t have money to buy Kettler, blah, blah, blah…

  5. Pacific NW says:

    Is this where Rocky Balboa trained?

  6. nananananegative says:

    you better stay away from there, especially if its in Stary Oskol, it probably belongs to Fedor Emelianenko/Фëдор Емельяненко

  7. brbrbr says:

    numerous handmade devices in forrest and on street.
    but most time – made in metall.
    some time ago – bodybuilding in some areas are so quite common, as jogging in California, for example.
    so almost near EVERY home you can see people, working ith iron, on health. even in villages and outscirts.

  8. angella Australia says:

    is he married? does he want Australian army Amazon? He could help me lift the shopping.

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  10. daliodas says:

    btw it s situated in moscow not far from center in izmaylovskii park :)

  11. King-Kong says:

    It prolly looks great in the summer!!!!!!!!

  12. Melt It Off says:

    This looks incredibly…cold!

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