13 No Pillow – No Fight

No Pillow – No Fight

Posted on April 6, 2009 by

Russian pillow fight

Some Russians solve their problems with a pillow.

Russian pillow fight 2

Russian pillow fight 3

Russian pillow fight 4

Russian pillow fight 5

Russian pillow fight 6

Russian pillow fight 7

Russian pillow fight 8

Russian pillow fight 9

Russian pillow fight 10

Russian pillow fight 11


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13 Responses to “No Pillow – No Fight”

  1. whoever comes says:

    russians rock

  2. kidzior says:

    Phew! ;-)

    Poland ROCKS:

    4300 students fighting in Krakow. :]

  3. jaybeecity says:

    Damn, thats a hell of a load of feathers.
    looks like they had a plucking good time. eh eh.

  4. asddsadsa says:

    YAY, LET’S MAKE WASTE! That’s the only thing russians are good at…

  5. Starshii says:

    In Soviet Russia pillows fights you!

  6. Meshca says:

    i knew someone was going to say this is feathers going to waste. stop trolling, the world is 50% waste, american food industry is 50% waste.

  7. fromcanada says:

    it was an international event with pillowfights happening in thousands of cities all over the world. Maybe instead of trolling and rotting your brains on the internet you people need to watch the news or read some newspapers.

  8. pn says:

    yea, this happened worldwide. Here is a video i took of the event here in los angeles:


  9. pn says:

    yea. it was an international event. here is a video i made for the event that took place here in Los Angeles:


  10. w says:

    Pillowfights are for homosexual little boys

  11. Taupey says:

    hahahahaaaha! :D

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