30 Red Square in Detail

Red Square in Detail

Posted on April 5, 2009 by

details of Red Square, Moscow

Probably everyone has seen Red Square and the Kremlin, probably they are the main symbol of Russia if to say in representation terms or associations.
Not everyone has seen those in big detail.
The star above is one of the Red Stars that are on top of the Kremlin towers. Each Red Star of the Kremlin weighs more than a ton but can rotate as weathercock wherever the wind blows. They are made from special “Ruby Glass” and have two layers of the glass making the stars looking red in any weather. The power consumption of each star is around 5 kWt. They have been damaged during the World War 2 and were refurbished later.
Below there are some more close-ups of the Red Square ensemble.

details of Red Square, Moscow 2

details of Red Square, Moscow 3

details of Red Square, Moscow 4

details of Red Square, Moscow 5

details of Red Square, Moscow 6

details of Red Square, Moscow 7

details of Red Square, Moscow 8

details of Red Square, Moscow 9

details of Red Square, Moscow 10

details of Red Square, Moscow 11

details of Red Square, Moscow 12

details of Red Square, Moscow 13

details of Red Square, Moscow 14

details of Red Square, Moscow 15

details of Red Square, Moscow 16

details of Red Square, Moscow 17

details of Red Square, Moscow 18

photos by Serge Freeman

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30 Responses to “Red Square in Detail”

  1. flamm says:

    Пиндосам — смерть!

  2. Adan says:

    And where is Red Square MacDonalds?


  3. KYX says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Fascinating mix of influences and indigenous aesthetic.

  4. Johnny says:

    Very nice pictures. Какие красивые фотографии! I like the animal in the 3rd picture, it is so funny n cute!

  5. Adan says:

    And by the way, you cannot shoot on Red Square with lens more than 70mm, you’ll be arrested by paranoidal FSO or cops.

  6. In photo 7.jpg, is there a functional purpose to those gold, twisty coil things. Or is the purpose aesthetic — perhaps to soften the profile?

  7. Jason says:

    In the later 15th century Ivan the terrible had Moscow built to look like a holy land.He thought he was helping god by killing everyone he thought was sinning.

    St Bassils was built in the early 16th century to resemble a 8 point star.It is said the builder of St Bassils had his eyes burned out so he could not build another building as beautiful.

    I am amazed St Bassils still stands today because other churches were destroyed during the soviet era!

    Russia had so many years of turbulant history but it is much better now!

    • Jason says:

      What country are you from CZenda?

      Watch the history channel more often!
      Am I the only person writing about history on this site????

      • Russoturisto says:

        So watching the history channel makes you some kind of Russian historian? Try reading academic journals and books from around the world instead of getting historical facts from TV and only from an American point of view.

      • adroit says:

        Well said Jason!

  8. Mister Neuseeland says:

    I wonder who was lucky enough to be able to get such close shots? Great pictures, I love all of a the jaunty bright colours.

  9. angella Ahmadinejad says:

    Red glass is the most expensive of the lead light glass. I am guessing these are lead lighted in gold? Had no idea of the detail in these stars. Another set of fantastic photos

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  11. beware says:

    The History Channel has an occasional okay story or two, but the vast majority of its programming is Globalist dreck, designed to “rewrite” history, for the pathetic Americans that no longer read books.

    Most of the shows are produced from a viewpoint that only serves international bankers and industrialists.

    • Bambi Slayer says:

      I would have to agree being an American myself the History Channel as of late have been in the hip pocket of the Republican Party of US. I have seen total lies and distortion of the truth’s about Iraq and Afganistan based on Bush Policies. I have a sneeky feeling that the History Channel is probably owned by Rupert Murdock and his lieing azz media empire.

  12. diptroat says:

    If you knew the history of architecture in Russia you so I would not say (silly)

  13. BadRyke says:


  14. Alex says:

    Yup, the star should be replaced with the Double-Headed Eagle – a true Russian state emblem as if to say “Hey, we’re looking towards the west and the east, so watch out!”

  15. Kelly says:

    I wonder how much maintenance this building requires? Do they repaint it every year or so, or do they do spot repairs when problems occur? I’m sure it’s much work either way.

  16. buy jeans says:

    i wonder how it survived during the world war

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