26 “Ekranoplanes” on the Rest

“Ekranoplanes” on the Rest

Posted on April 5, 2009 by

Russian Ekranoplanes at rest

We wrote about Russian “Ekranoplanes” here.
Here is one of them caught on the rest, maybe that’s his last stop so on eternal rest.
There is also a submarine on the last photo. Is it watching so nobody disturbed them?

Russian Ekranoplanes at rest 2

Russian Ekranoplanes at rest 3

Russian Ekranoplanes at rest 4

Russian Ekranoplanes at rest 5

Russian Ekranoplanes at rest 6

Russian Ekranoplanes at rest 7

Russian Ekranoplanes at rest 8

Russian Ekranoplanes at rest 9

photos by Kochergin Valeri

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26 Responses to ““Ekranoplanes” on the Rest”

  1. Pig says:

    Pics don’t show up except first one.

  2. OMG Russians are so poor that they can’t afford normal Boeings that we have in the west and have to build planes on their own :-(

  3. Berl Lazar says:

    He is jewish gay!

  4. Noner says:

    Is the last picture of a submarine? Is it operational or sunk somehow?

  5. vadikgg says:

    It is museum in Moscow on Moscow river.
    Now it looks: http://www.flamber.ru/files/photos/1211922554/1215889337_o.jpg

  6. CZenda says:

    I thought the idea of GEV was generally abandoned by early 70s as unproductive loss of money??
    However, my hovercraft is full of eels :-D

  7. Germans have not been in Dagestan fool

  8. Lutra Lutra says:

    Caspian monster called the “Eaglet” and yet we have a missile ekranoplan “Lun” – the killer of aircraft carriers!

  9. theoverseer says:

    There gonna be modernizations as far i heard for 10 of them and then in 2025 or 30 they gonna be removed and replaced by brand new

  10. brbrbr says:

    no, full-scale GEV, called “Lun”, produced not only in carrier strike verison. there also heavvy ASW model and assault transport machine, rescue machine.
    all with tremendous operational range and other specs.
    especially awesoe for 1st genertion of GEV.

  11. corgi says:

    picture with ekranoplan is from Moscow city – Tushino park

  12. corgi says:

    it is in Moscow city in Tushino park

  13. [...] English Russia : Ekranoplanes on the Rest [...]

  14. Ivan Mikhailov says:

    The last photo is not a real submarine, it’s a fake made by some artists and it’s in Moscow river not so far from Kremlin

  15. Boyce Williams says:

    So that’s what those things actually looked like. During my technical training at Sheppard AFB, TX in 1975, my flight was given a briefing of Soviet intentions to dominate the world. In that briefing we were shown a drawing of the jet-powered version of the plane and told what the CIA estimates its abilitiy was. The CIA believed the “Capisan Sea Monster” (because they didn’t know what it was called) was able to carry tanks across the Atlantic Ocean at high speed to invade the USA. Since it was a drawing I always thought it was a myth until now with these photos. The plane may be going to a park now but it did kept Americans up at night.

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