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Building Tallest Tower

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Tallest Russian tower, Ostankino tower is being built

The Ostankino tower, built in Moscow in 1967, was built for four years and after it was completed became the word’s tallest man made structure. Also it was the world’s first building exceeding 500m tall. It stayed the tallest structure in the world for 9 years, and for 42 more years as the tallest structure in Europe.
Those are photos of how it was built. It weights more than 32 thousand tons. It has two “enemies” – the Sun and win. Due to wind its top can fluctuate for 10 meters (33 feet) and due to Sun heating it from one side it can also move to 2.2m (6.6 feet).

Tallest Russian tower, Ostankino tower is being built 2

Tallest Russian tower, Ostankino tower is being built 3


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  1. John from sunny central PA says:


  2. Gord says:

    Wasn’t there a major fire in this tower about 10 years ago? I seem to recall seeing footage. Is it still standing?

    • boolwinkle says:

      10 years ago fire was putted out. Now tower function fully

      • Steam McQueen says:

        Well… not exactly fully functional. When I was in Moscow last summer the observation deck / restaurant near the top of the tower was still closed.

        What I really wanted to see was the multi-megawatt transmitters that blast channel 1s TV signal across 11 time zones. I am told that the small lake across from the tower was actually a cooling pond for the transmitters.

        • ayebraine says:

          yeah, and i live in a punishment zone near the tower where they fry dissidents’ brains.

          Union-wide TV broadcasting was and is satellite-based. There are about 8 or 9 geostationary sats. The tower reach is about 170 km.

  3. Nusse says:


  4. Tallman says:

    awesome. a single target where radio and tv signal are concentrated and can be disrupted with a smart bomb. note to self during WW3.

  5. CZenda says:

    What was the name of a similar chimney built in DDR?

  6. Henryk says:

    What’s the purpose of this thing?

  7. ironfist says:

    I believe the restaurant has been closed down since the last fire some years ago.

  8. Nina, Germany says:

    lol! looks like some people need to compensate for some things

  9. Paul says:

    As much as I read the tower emits 15 TV Channels and 14 Radio stations and it retransmits TV Channels from sat in terrestrially. It’s a good thing for a city as big a Moscow especially now that we’re moving in the HD broadcasting era.
    Is the tower visitable like the CN Tower in Toronto? I have been there about 10 years ago and it was quite ok to see the city going down while you are in the elevator. Does it offer a good view of the city?

  10. Dobra Dyen says:

    Does anyone on this forum have any interior photos of this structure? Last time I was there it was closed indefinitely.

  11. John Connor says:

    In 15 years skynet will use this tower to control the worlds communications.

  12. MARC says:

    The tallest structure in Europe and the World was The Warsaw radio mast until its collapse on 8 August 1991. :(

  13. pligg.com says:

    FOTOD: Ostankino teletorni ehitus…

  14. cool says:

    exactly… was just looking if someone already pointed that

  15. Seamus says:

    I don’t like heights…just looking at that picture turns my stomach. Looks cool, and I wish I wasn’t afraid of heights, that would be kick ass to look around from.

    Sturdy it may be, but I would NEVER get up on the top of that thing…blech(lunch over the side)!

  16. ElwoodBlues says:

    Anyone know if the observation deck is open again.. & if so.. What are the hours & cost?

  17. Third Eye says:

    It reminds me a lot of the Tokyo tower, both in functions and emotive impact on the people around there…

  18. E says:

    Stayed not 9, but 7 years. In 1974 the Warsaw TV Mast in Gabin was built, it was 646 metres high and it collapsed in 1991 during reperations. It was mast, not tower, so we can say that it was the tallest structure in the world. Today the tallest structure is american TV Tower (I forgot exact name) – 629 m.

    • herman the german says:

      i think the tallest structure right now is this new tower project in saudi arabia even though it is still unfinished yet …gonna be at least 1000 tall , now its at around 800 i think..

  19. Great architecture construction for those past years.

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