20 Hibini Mountains

Hibini Mountains

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Russian Mountains near Murmans, Hibini Mountains

We have mentioned some time ago the abandoned cities of Kola Peninsula, left by people and Russian army, now standing alone with only severe Northern winds inhabiting them.
This place is also on Kola Cape, but they got better fate. One of the reasons for this is because of the Hibini mountains, which got this region a travel twist. Now around some abandoned Soviet structures one can use the ski lifts and skiing trace.

Russian Mountains near Murmans, Hibini Mountains 2

Russian Mountains near Murmans, Hibini Mountains 3


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20 Responses to “Hibini Mountains”

  1. angella Ahmadinejad says:


    in your face!

    • Miss India says:

      OMG why oh why Russia is always Cold, miserable, crumbling and abandoned? :(

    • scot says:

      Good start..Angella – I’m impressed.

      I liked the photo with dog. Did you?

      • angella Ahmadinejad says:

        I like them all. English Russia is amazing. I can’t wait to get to Russia and ride horses with Uncle pasha’s and pretend I am a Cossack.

        The dog was a bit sad though. Why is he here all by himself? Hope his owner remembered him and got him a big bone.

  2. happy_north_american says:

    I don’t get it. Is this ski lift abandoned or not? (Looks abandoned in the photos). So how is this a better fate than the other buildings?

  3. jaybeecity says:

    Cool pictures.
    Has the dog also been abandoned?

  4. brbrbr says:

    dog awesdome.
    but need new friend.

  5. aDDSASAD says:

    Cos it’s russia, fortunately India is so packed that if that was in India atleast that place would be full of corpses if not people.

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  7. w says:

    The dog is waiting for owner who is snagged on dangerous 3rd world russian chairlift. Eventually his frozen carcass will fall to ground and dog will eat him.

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  9. Chris says:

    ah man I’m gonna take control of Russia when I’m older. It looks so cool, and its all going to waste. so I want it. how much do you think they would sell it to me for? haha :)

  10. Brendan says:

    Don’t worry about that dog. It’s here with me.

    Good Sasha, good.

  11. Snowflame says:

    This plase (town Kirovsk)is not so gloomy as on this photos! :) I live here)) Best time to ski is march-april, when sun shining:

  12. Alexey says:

    Greetings! I live in one of cities of Kola peninsula. Has looked photos, and also signatures and has laughed.

    Kola peninsula is left nobody.

    On a photo a mountain-skiing complex, where always a frost. As factory which is taken out of service.

  13. Andrew says:

    I think it is strangely beautiful. I want to go to Russia.

  14. Nick says:

    Love the site, and the photography. You’re shooting wonderfully beautiful locations with skill. Respect.

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