17 Russian Police and Human Feelings [updated]

Russian Police and Human Feelings [updated]

Posted on April 1, 2009 by

Russian police girls at Police beauty contest, photo by Goldenshtein Y.

A collection of photos that have one thing in commong – Russian policeman (or sometimes police lady) and some human emotion taking place at the same time.

Back home in the truck body, deportation of illegal migrants, photo by Strokov The Kissing City, photo by Mikhail Mokrushin In the Evening, photo by Chul Mikhail Compassion to a Foreigner, Russian policemen give road directions to the lost foreigner, photo by A. Petrosian Russian policeman during the protest action, photo by A. Miridonov Going to Moscow, photo by dali88 Showing his tongue, photo by A. Miridonov What the ...?, photo by A. Belokurov Radio man, photo by S. Fedeichev Russian police academy graduation, photo by T. Kotova Are you of legal age to kiss?, photo by S. Fetisova


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17 Responses to “Russian Police and Human Feelings [updated]”

  1. Vasya Pupkin says:

    FYI: there is no “Santa” in Russia. There’s Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost) who was an Old Slavic evil god of winter and frost and was revised in the 19th century to resemble St. Nicholas. He is indeed similar to Santa Claus, but there’s some major differences, for example, he doesn’t have a whole bunch of “elves” to help him, it’s just him and his granddaughter Snegurochka, he doesn’t get into your house through the chimney or ride reindeers through the sky. It’s kind of insulting to call that guy in the picture “Santa”, even though he is just an old drunkard trying to impersonate Ded Moroz.

  2. angella says:

    What no Latvian cops?

    although female Russian cops are hot? do you have arrrrr lesbians in Russia?

  3. Miss India says:

    Russia is a true Police state with no liberty to common citizens, now I know why all Russians want to leave that hell hole :(

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  5. Stav25 says:

    Great photos nice work


    i hope they ban immigrants in my country they cause huge HUGE problems

    • Kirov says:

      Are you from Afrika too ? We do not want immigrants in Afrika, have enough problem already

      • Kirov says:

        Kirov impersonator, why do you impersonate me? Are you ashamed of showing your face around after getting crushed by me in debates?

  6. aca says:

    the last pic is great

  7. Ololo1 says:

    collegue actually said “49”,if anyone doesn’t know russian

  8. sobot2 says:

    more specifically wine

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  10. Arther Fonzerelli says:

    I will make love to to all the beautiful Russian police women !

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