Russian teens party
55 Soviet Party

Soviet Party

In Soviet times they
had parties too.
Russian Ellipse Wing Plane
47 Ellipse Wings

Ellipse Wings

In Belarus they use planes with ellipse wings. They say it has a few benefits comparing to the simple one or double winged planes, like the wing can be less in size, it's more firm because
the ellipse form is self sustaining, also there are now air vortexes by the sides of the wings which gives up to 30% increase in power compared to the traditional planes.
18 Russian Jedi Skating

Russian Jedi Skating

This Russian skater decided to make some not usual
performance while on the contest in Japan.
22 Blonde and Gun

Blonde and Gun

People say it's bad idea to
give a machine gun to a blonde
Russian people, vintage shot
34 People of Russia 150 Years Ago

People of Russia 150 Years Ago

Russian people photos from the dawn of photographic era, back from 1860s. Photos
were made in St. Petersburg, people of different society groups are featured.
Russian people rope jumping 6

57 Group Rope Jumping

Group Rope Jumping

It's new fun in some Russian cities, to jump from the bridge with the rope in a big group, when there is no water under the bridge but raw firm ice, also they use to jump at that same moment when the train is going thru the bridge -
just imagine what the machinist could think when he sees a bunch of people standing on the rails just before the moving train, so he probably starts slowing down and then all those people jump out of the bridge...
Funny Tatoos
111 Tatoo Fail

Tatoo Fail

In case of making a tatoo one Russian proverb comes very handy. The proverb we are talking about is " you must measure seven times before you start cutting", in English there are also plenty of alike, " score twice before you cut once", for example, though in Russian language they warn to think seven
times before acting. That's especially important in regard of tatoo, to consider the good artist with big experience and rich portfolio. Well, still some find it easier not to think seven times. Now their tatoos cause lot of laughs when are seen by someone for the first time.
9 Russian Street Music

Russian Street Music

This is an example of a strange symbiosis between Russian style and American music. Those
are Russian street musicians on the video. I think his mp3's can be found here.
Russian town Sorsk
20 Sorsk Town

Sorsk Town

Russian children go to school in Russian town Sorsk. The
factory on the background is actually molibdenum mine.
Russian Propaganda
15 Not So Soviet

Not So Soviet

Some authors try to imagine how could life in Soviet Russia could be depicted
if there was no a strict censorship on the expressions of sensuality.

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