Russian guy and his flat
23 Real Man’s Flat

Real Man’s Flat

This Russian guy is tough. His furniture stands on empty beer kegs. He
cooks his dinner on an iron and he uses cigarettes as birthday cake candles!
phone charger made of wood
22 Wooden Cell Phone Charger

Wooden Cell Phone Charger

We've mentioned these wooden cell phones made in Russia before, but now
there is a charger that could fit it well by design, it's below:
Abandoned Russian army scrap metal
75 Chernobyl Scrap Metal

Chernobyl Scrap Metal

Hundreds of pieces of Russian army hardware is left on the small field right near to Chernobyl. All this machinery has participated in Chernobyl accident
liquidation and is radioactive from top to toe. Now it dies out under the open skies of deserted Chernobyl. You can get a Google Sat view of it too here.
11 Russian Card Magic

Russian Card Magic

Russian card magic is being showed by the old Russian guy, at the end he says "look they are all the
same" and shows that they are all the same, but then again shows that they are not the same at all.
Russian nature, Lake Baikal view
52 Russian Lake Baikal

Russian Lake Baikal

Scenery views from Russian lake Baikal, the
biggest lake in Russia and Europe.
Russian car
17 Cars and Stuff 5

Cars and Stuff 5

This sign was about slippery road and one
car decided too look closer on it.
Cover of Soviet Russian science magazine
23 Soviet Science Mag Covers

Soviet Science Mag Covers

It was a one and only popular science magazine in Soviet Union, it was mainly
oriented to young people but all Russian people of all ages enjoyed reading it.
Russian dog
40 Car and Dog

Car and Dog

This dog is going for a walk with a car. Some people were joking that they have
got out of fuel in Ukraine so now use dogs as a pull force for cars.
24 Dope at 30,000ft

Dope at 30,000ft

If next time during the flight by Russian airline you'll notice that the flight attendants or pilots are looking strange you'll know
the reason why. They as a rule are not being searched before the flight so can take with themselves anything they like.
60 Soviet Prices

Soviet Prices

In Soviet Russia dollar exchange rate was established by the state and was 1 dollar for 63 Russian copecks, or 1 American dollar for 0.63 Russian ruble. What could the Foreigners coming to Russia afford? Here is the short review for the prices at that times in American dollars: Small loaf - $0.11 Bread - $0.30 Cigarettes (Bulgarian, Eastern European) - $0.83 Cigarettes imported Marlboro - $2.50 Eggs (10 pieces) - $1.66 Ice-cream $0.25 Chocolate bar (0.22 pound) 100g - $1.33 Milk 1 liter (32 fl. oz) - $0.76 Cheese (2.2 pounds - 1kg) $3.66 Recycled glass bottle - $0.16 Salt (2.2 pounds pack) - $0.16 Potatos (2.2 pounds) 1 kilo - $0.41 Cucumbers (2.2 pounds) 1 kilo - $1.16 Tape cassette recorder, Russian make - $241.00 Acoustic guitar, Russian make - $41.00 Parker pen with a golden feather - $8.33 Beer, Russian make, 16 fl.oz. (half liter) bottled - $0.66 Beef, (2.2 pounds) 1 kilo - $3.16 (also standing in line for two hours and not more than 5
pounds in one hands) Vodka "Stolichnaya", 16 fl.oz (half liter) bottled - $6.66 Wine red, white - $1.36 Sparkling wine - $6.95 Car, Soviet make, ZAZ - $5800 Boxer's gloves $15.8 City bus $0.08 Flight Moscow-Kazakhstan $106 Small tape recorder, Russian make $160 Levi's jeans, smuggled, sold at black market $416 Sweet beets $0.10 Sugar (2.2 pounds - 1kg) $1.30 Matches box $0.01 (often used as a change in shops when there was shortage of the small coins) Sewing machine $97.00 Bicycle $80 Carpet, oriental style, Russian make, 10ft (3 meteres) long - $53 Wrist watches, Russian make $88 Electric shaver, Russian make $23 Piano $876 Fridge, Russian make - $250 Photo camera, Russian - $100 Vaccuum cleaner, Russian - $70 By the way, average Russian salary for someone like an office worker or a construction worker was around $200/month.

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